Nigeria confirms the first case of Delta Variant

According to the Nigerian guidelines for travelers, they have to pass the routine travel test at the airports. National Reference Laboratory, Abuja were responsible to complete the Genomic sequencing. During the same practice of the protocols, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has detected a confirmed case of the Delta Variant. According to the fact, it has traveled to Nigeria through an international traveler.

The Delta Variant of SARS-CoV-2, also known as lineage B.1.617.2. And it has increased transmissibility which is the cause of an increasing number of cases in affected countries. Scientists are trying hard to study the impact of vaccines on the variant. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), the Delta Variant is a matter of concern. As it is also deadlier than other global variants having 60 percent more transmissibility. The variant has already put a surge in the rise of cases in 90 countries so far.

Nigeria in Response

Nigeria has given a quick response towards Covid-19 till now. The NCDC has been working with different Genomics and Medical researching industries across the nation to do genome sequencing. This would help them to identify any of the variants, and thus they can take the appropriate actions. The sequencing data from Nigeria is published on GISAID, a global mechanism for sharing sequencing data.

Nigeria has already issued several guidelines to ensure the spreading of the virus doesn’t take place. Some of them are restrictions to travel places where there is a surge in the cases,  seven-day self-isolation after the travel, immediate testing and medication of a new patient, compulsory vaccination of all other negatively tested citizens. Since these are essentials guidelines and the mandatory guidelines issued by WHO, which make sure that the virus does not spread.

Moreover, states are demanding to do sampling and testing for COVID-19. For this, public settings are getting organize such as accommodation facilities in schools, Rapid Diagnostic Tests in workplaces should be utilized to test the population.

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