Nigeria: The linkage of Super Cop with fraudster

The super cop of Nigeria, Abba Kyari, is in big trouble now. 

This cop with a massive reputation investigates significant criminal cases and hangs out with celebrities and prominent politicians during his free time, showing that he’s pretty known.

But the tables had turned the day when the US enforcement claimed the links of Abba Kyari with an Instagram influencer Ray Hushpuppi aka the fraudster. 

And the policeman denies all the allegations as accurate. 

However, the critics of Abba Kyari’s are not surprised as such. There are already many allegations of Abba Kyari that he used to be corrupt and cause human-rights abuses in Nigeria.  

But in the end, deputy commissioner Mr. Kyari claims all these allegations as a false rumor against him. And the authorities have taken as such no action against him. 

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Suspension by Nigeria Police

Earlier, the head of We The People, an NGO, awarded a prize to Mr. Kyari for his patronage. 

According to Mr. Henshaw, the accusation against Mr. Kyari are reliable for those who always stand against the Nigerian Police. Mr. Kyari is the best officer in the past. 

However, after such endorsement of Mr. Kyari got the suspension from Nigeria Police Commission. 

And this step was taken when the US has dropped the bombshell saying that they had witnessed the exchange of payments to Nigeria police personnel from Hushpuppi, aka Roman Abbas. 

After the extradition from Dubai last year, Hushpuppi is in custody for money laundering in the US.

Money transferred by Hushpuppi

According to US officials, Mr. Kyari was asked to arrest Vincent Chibuzor by Hushpuppi. 

And he was promised to get the money in exchange for this deal. That is why Mr. Kyari has sent his bank details to Hushpuppi. 

But according to Kyari, this allegation is also false, and he had sent his bank details to get the payment for the clothes. 

He also said that Hushpuppi liked his native clothes on social media, so he sent the tailor’s money. 

But the turning point comes out when the FBI shows the WhatsApp chats between Hushpuppi and Mr. Kyari. 

‘Nobody demanded money’

One way the chat shows that Hushpuppi allegedly said: “Let me know as soon as possible that how can I send money to you and your team members, sir. Let them deal with him like an armed robber,” to which Mr. Kyari reportedly responded: “Sure, I will send you the account details soon.”

On the other side, Mr. Kyari denies all this. 

According to him, none of his team members or himself has demanded or received any sort of payments from Hushpuppi. 

Rescued abducted children in Nigeria

Mr. Kyari is the supreme cop that Nigeria ever had. 

He had rescued three schoolgirls kidnapped in Lagos; he had also saved the mother of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), in 2015, although he is the one whose team is always ready to go on high-profile cases. 

And for all of his bravery, he has been awarded a presidential medal of courage from Mr. Buhari in 2016, the top award for gallantry three years in a row between 2011 and 2013.

But even after these great works, many people say there is another side of Mr. Kyari, from which many people are unaware. 

Mr. Kyari has got in the accusation of extortion, detaining Mr. Mojeed in 2014 and taking bribes. 

But his lawyers deny all of these things.

But after all such things, nothing seems to happen in the cases against Mr. Kyari. So he will be sent to the US for the trials with his linkage of his with Hushpuppi.

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