Nigeria’s announced ban on Twitter has no legal basis.

In earlier June Nigerian Government announced a total ban on Twitter in the country. This was basically a result of the media platform’s decision as they deleted a tweet done by the Nigerian Prime Minister, Muhammadu Buhari, which they believed violated the media guidelines.

The Attorney General of Nigeria even announced to prosecute violators of the ban, which he took back later. Now the burning question regarding this issue is that is the ban legal?. This has made the public come out from here homes and protest against the decision. Moreover, it is believed that the Nigerian government’s decision is somewhat illegal, and so is the prosecution of violators of the ban. Banning digital media doesn’t stand on any legal grounds. The decision can be pushed into one or two permissible grounds in section 45, but it fails to test legality in total.

The ban on Twitter made a significant impact on the rights of the people. Thus they are out protesting against the decision. It is not the best decision to be made at a political level as this doesn’t bode out very well for the citizens. The right to use digital media healthily should be accessible to all for maintaining a balance. Also, the Nigerian Constitute of 1999 promotes democracy and freedom of expression, i.e., citizens can also participate in government governance.

The ban has had a significant impact on the economic level too. According to the stats, 39 million Nigerians have active Twitter accounts. A large section also uses it as a platform for business and networking purposes. So the lives of people dependent on digital media for their living, has been severely affected. Also, it has been calculated that the foreign investments and trade sectors will be affected by the decision. Thus the government has created problems for himself only with this illegal short-sighted decision.

The government should improvise its decision so that it doesn’t violate human rights, stand on legal grounds, and is feasible for the economy. Hence Nigeria could be in peace and prosperity once again.

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