Nigeria’s Super Eagles are still winless since 2019.

The Nigerian football team, Super Eagles, were defeated 4-0 by Mexico in a friendly match between the countries, held in the 77,500- capacity LA Coliseum on Sunday. Nigeria played winless since March 2019 when it defeated Egypt in a close game by 1-0 with a first-minute tremendous goal by Paul Onuachu. Thus, this defeat adds up to eight straight losses since then.

Hector Hererra gave Mexico a stunning starting lead after penetrating in from his team’s first corner kick in just two minutes at the game’s start. Ibrahim Sansui, a Nigerian major forward, tried his best to clear the ball off the line but could not save the Mexican goal is barely the start of the game.

Nigeria felt disappointed at that time but was ready for a comeback as the lead was not big enough, and there was plenty of time in their hands. They were trying to get over the last goal as then only Mexican forwards started putting pressure on the defensive line by keeping the possession with them and close to the defense. Then only Rogelio Funes Mori blasted through the goalkeeper’s box and driving a close ranger to make the score 2-0.

There was immense pressure on the Super Eagles as they tried hard to push through the midfield to the Mexican goal post. At the 35th minute of the game, the Eagles got their first corner kick, but unfortunately, they could not make out much of it. In addition, after some effort, the first half ended.

The situation compelled the Eagles to shoot distant balls but could not place them on the target. As the loss was in possession, they also start doing heavy tackles resulting in awarding free kicks to the Mexicans. Eagle’s keeper, Nwabili, tried and saved many shots, giving his team more chances to achieve a comeback. However, the luck was not with the team as in the mid-second half. And Captain Herrera fired into the goal after receiving a deflection from Nwabili’s save.

The 3-0 score threatened the team, and it almost accepted the defeat. Mexico, after making some changes on the field, again started attacking aggressively. Now it was the new entrant, Johnathan Dos Santos, which sealed the game by scoring in the 78th minute of the match.

The defeat was a disservice for those agitating for more home-based players in the Nigerian football team.

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