North America Is Sizzled In The Heat Wave

North America is sizzling. The temperature is rising from California to Canada. and so is the death toll. Millions of people in Western Canada and Northwestern U.S states are under heat alerts.

Now the rise in mercury has broken almost all the historic heat records in Canada. And western Canada bakes in record-breaking temperatures. The police have reported scores of deaths linked to the scorching conditions.

Death stats Of North American Region

At present the North American country is faced by a deadly heat wave contributing to over 300 deaths as per records in vancouver. The police have responded to more than 140 sudden death calls in the city since friday.

And the British Colombian region reported over 230 deaths early this week. Meanwhile, Canadian paramedics have responded to nearly 2000 heat-related calls.

 The same heat wave has hammered the northwestern US as well. Temperatures in Portland and Seattle have reached levels not seen since record-keeping began in the 1940s.

Now soaring temperatures in California’s countryside areas race fear wildfires. Windy dry conditions with lightning storms could spark places forecast across several parts of western United States.

Experts Analysis Regarding Heat Wave In Region

Now scientists have called this an unprecedented and exceptional event. Also predicting that more unusual weather patterns are likely to become more common going ahead amid rising global temperatures in North America.

To put it in perspective both Canada and Oregon set temperature records. Those are higher than any temperature ever experienced in Las Vegas and Nevada which is in the middle of the Mojave desert.

From many people who live in the northwest pacific area. They say this is something that they have not seen in decades. 

Let’s take the example of Oregon in the north west. The state medical examiner’s office said that 63 people have died since friday. Many of them have been found alone without air conditioning or a fan.

And hospitals in Oregon are also seeing a huge influx of people coming in to seek treatment for health for heat related issues.

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