North Korea’s Kim accuses the U.S. of creating tensions

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reviewed a rare exhibition of weapons and pledged to develop an invincible military. Kim made the comments while standing close to a collection of weapons, including the country’s intercontinental ballistic missiles.

While giving the speech at the “Defense Development Exhibition Self-Defense-2021” – an event meant to mark the 76th birthday of the ruling Workers’ party- Kim said that his drive to develop his military isn’t targeted at South Korea and that there shouldn’t be another conflict pitting Korean individuals against one another.

Kim Jong-un impeach the US

Calling the US a source of instability on the Korean land, Kim said that his country’s most significant target is having an invincible military capability that nobody can dare challenge.

The Biden government has over and overexpressed that it has no hostile purpose towards the North. But still, Kim told the exhibition: “I am very curious if there are people or countries who believe that. There is no basis in their actions for believing that it is not hostile.”

Pyongyang accused the US of derailing peace talks

North Korea accuses Biden of pursuing hostile policy, warns of reprisal

In 2017, it tested missiles that can reach the whole US and completed its most powerful nuclear test to date. Pyongyang says it needs its weapons store to secure itself against a US intrusion. Pyongyang is under various global sanctions over its banned nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles programs.

Negotiations between the two countries stalled during a summit in Vietnam in February, with no deal reached over North Korea’s atomic weapons.

Those discussions slowed down North Korea’s demand for full economic sanctions relief as a trade-off for some denuclearisation commitments.

The US has recently offered chats with North Korea “anyplace and whenever” without preconditions. Kim has called the offer a shrewd attempt to cover US aggression against North Korea, as he needs Washington to ease the sanctions or suspend its regular military drills with Seoul in order to resume the discussions.

South Korea and North Korea restore hotlines but no sign of summit 

South and North Korea have reestablished hotlines that Pyongyang cut off a year ago when ties disintegrated between both countries.

The decision on the hotlines was made by South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un, who have exchanged different letters since April

The hotlines are a tool to connect two Koreas yet it is unclear whether their reconnection would speed up for any significant start of negotiations aimed toward destroying Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs.

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Kim Jong-un resumes the missile tests

North Korea fires short-range missile into sea, accuses US of 'hostility'

Last month, North Korea carried out its first missile test in six months. The test includes nuclear skilled weapons that could reach targets in South Korea and Japan, including Asia-based US army bases.

Experts believe that that North Korea is endeavoring to cash on South Korea’s desire to improve connections so it can pressurize south Korea to persuade the US to loosen up economic sanctions on the North and make concessions.

Mr. Kim had enjoyed a cordial relationship with the previous president Donald Trump, meeting with him several times. But he can’t seem to have an up-close and personal conversation with Mr. Trump’s successor, Joe Biden.

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