NovaVax offers the US, a fourth strong COVID vaccine

NovaVax announced on Monday, their covid 19 vaccine is more than 90 percent effective against all the new strains of the virus including the most concerning strains.

The immunizing agent was 91 percent effective among volunteers at high risk of severe infection and 100 percent effective in preventing moderate and severe cases of COVID-19.

Side effects of the vaccine includes; mild headache and muscle pains.

Novavax announced in January that a clinical trial of 15,000-person in Britain found that the vaccine had an efficacy of 96 percent against the coronavirus. It was found to be very effective against Alpha, a variant of coronavirus first identified in Britain and the US.

Novavax was under clinical trials when the US approved the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. In February, with the Novavax trial still under process, the US government approved Johnson & Johnson’s.

Novavax partnered with other companies to start making huge quantities of its vaccine. In India, it joined hands with the Serum Institute, and in South Korea, SK Biosciences.

Novavax reached an associate agreement with Gavi, the immunizing agent Alliance, to produce one billion doses to middle and low-income countries.

Many immunizing agent consultants expect that, with waning immunity and rising variants, the country can use booster shots for some purpose, and therefore the protein-based technology employed in the Novavax immunizing agent might do a very smart job.

NovaVax – A protein vaccine :

Protein vaccines use purified pieces of the virus to trigger an immune response, such as those used against whooping cough and polio. Protein vaccine is thought to be 93 percent effective against dominating coronavirus strains.

Erck said, On Monday the company’s provide immunizing agent doses within the U.S. may be directed to COVAX, the WHO-backed immunization program, to places like Asian nation, wherever the virus is spreading rapidly

Additionally, it said the two-dose vaccine was found to be 100% effective in preventing moderate and severe virus.

While it’s 93% effective against some emerging variants. The company says, they plan to file for authorization with the Food and Drug Administration in the third quarter.

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