Offsetting Carbon Footprint in Regular Life!

The term carbon footprint encompasses entire part of greenhouse gases GHGs along with carbon dioxide and methane that are originated by our deeds. Predominantly, the amount of carbon dioxide discharged into the atmosphere as a consequence of the actions of a particular individual, organization or community is called carbon footprint. All these gases are too unwholesome for our mother earth.

Here especially, carbon dioxide released from the transportation sector. Methane can be found in agriculture and any regular dumps. Nitrous gas emitted from agricultural products. Refrigerators, aerosols & air-cooling gadgets are also causing a large volume of hydro fluorocarbon gas. Each of these gases has different potential role in global warming. In recent days, environmental crisis has gained an attention in our society and in media too. In 2015, “The Paris Agreement” was a global treaty to reduce global warming signed by 195 countries of United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference. The conference was about the awareness of reduction of global warming. Each country has its context of population and economic growth to understand that how to measure and reduce carbon emission.
Pre-eminently, the industry sector of any country is liable for the extreme carbon emission. A country can operate this issue more wisely. Moreover, we can optimize emission rate individually by developing awareness among the general people. Here, we’ve some ways to minimize the over consumption of carbon:
Say good bye to overconsumption: We can keep our tap off while brushing our teeth. Sometimes, we consume such things what we don’t need. This is how overconsumption cut a huge share of global carbon emission. Mahatma Gandhi Said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
Be careful about daily packaging: If we prefer reusable bags-bottles-pots, we can reduce the emission of carbon at a high rate. We should use the bag-packet for several times to reduce carbon footprint.
Using sophisticated electronic products: Older version of electric device is responsible for high rate of voltage consumption. That’s why, latest technology can save power immensely. We can replace high voltage bulbs with LED lights which will increase the sustainability and decrease the emission of carbon with less consumption of electricity.
Implanting trees: We should implant trees more to diminish carbon emission and to sustain our well-being on Earth. Each hectare of growing forest can absorb 50-200 tonnes of carbon so we have to choose nature friendly plants for this.
Don’t forget to unplug electronic devices after charging: If we want to reduce the rate of carbon emission individually, we have to manage our devices properly. We have to plug out after charging our devices. We shouldn’t waste electricity and that misuse.
Recycling could be an effective way: Our recycling tendency can reduce carbon emission. We can turn waste product into usable one. Like plastic bottle into vertical gardening tub.
Stay away from mass market & fast fashion: The clothing sector generates 10% of all global carbon emissions and remains the second biggest industrial polluter, following the oil industry all over the world. Approximately, 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make polyester fiber, the most commonly used fiber in the fast fashion industry.
Consuming less meat and dairy: Having vegetables instead of meat and grilled food will reduce carbon emission. In our regular life, we are used to processed food that’s also causing a large amount of carbon emission.
Supporting local food – market: If we choose to buy products from near located market then it would reduce the transport cost as well as carbon emission. We can buy any product and food through near located shop. Shipping cost and carbon emission will decrease too.
Lastly, I want to say that carbon offsetting is easy when we maintain it according to the discharge rate of carbon. Offsetting carbon footprint is a burning issue nowadays. We can optimize the consumption of it by bringing some positive change in our daily life. Eventually, it can be said that if we don’t take initiative then we can’t change this up growing alarming rate of carbon emission. Individually our small initiative can change the whole world.









By Arpita Roy Shawon

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