Pablo Picasso: Amazing Facts And Works Of The Master Artist

Pablo Picasso, the Master Artist of the 20th century born in Spain in 1881. He was raised as an artist from his childhood in Spain. Then he spent most of his life as an artist in France. 

Picasso was a multi-talented person of his time. People at that time had never seen such an artist ever before him. There are so many amazing facts and numerous works of the master Artist Picasso.

Pablo Picasso: Amazing Journey Of Arts

Picasso’s mother once stated that her son’s first words were to ask for a pencil. When Picasso became seven years old, he started receiving arts training from his father. 

As growing up, at the age of 14, Picasso painted Portrait of Aunt Pepa. This is now referred to as one of the best portraits in Spanish History. 

Afterwards, in 1900, Picasso went to Paris, where he held an exhibition at a gallery on Paris’ rue Lafitte. Picasso worked in the arts for different periods of time. The first notable period was the “blue period”. 

Picasso’s Blue Period Of Arts

This period began after the Paris Exhibition. Picasso used blue tints to the paintings to show the melancholy world of the poor. Among his blue paintings, the old blind guitarist (1903) is an amazing example of Picasso’s artistic endeavours.

Picasso’s Rose Period Of Arts

After the “blue period”, Picasso began working on the “Rose Period” of arts. In this period of Arts, Picasso used playful colours of orange and pink. 

He began to use different colorful impacts to the paintings, showing happiness and charm. In his paintings, Harlequins, circus performers and clowns appeared frequently. 

Moreover he also began to work on abstract art. One of the paintings features a family of Acrobats with a monkey showing Picasso’s struggle in abstract work. 

Picasso’s African Period Of Arts

In this period, Picasso utilized the concepts of African folk artists. Particularly their masks, the human faces and expressions. However, within this period, Picasso worked in abstract painting, reducing the visual language of paintings.

One of the most famous paintings from this period is Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. This contains proto-Cubist impacts. 

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Picasso’s Cubism Art

A painting below shows Picasso’s work on cubism and collage. 

Picasso’s most important phase of life is his period of Cubism and Collage. Began in 1908 to 1912. It is the most influential movement in the innovation of abstract art. 

He used two dimensional figures with multiple perspectives and geometric shapes. In this era of art, Picasso worked with Georges Braque. They experimented on different artistic works. The different shapes and collage along with the use of different color sheds. 

Picasso’s Contribution To The World Of Arts

Picasso worked as an artist, raised as an innovator and struggled as a man of history in the world of arts. His contribution to the arts is enormous. However, according to the overall estimation he had produced over 150,000 works in the field of arts.

Interestingly he began to work from his childhood in arts and paintings. There were different artistic phases in Picasso’s life. Those include the blue period and that to the innovation of Cubism. 

Throughout his life journey, he created more than 20,000 paintings, drawings and sculptures. He also worked on ceramics, and other things like costumes and theater sets.  

He became the co-founder of Cubism art along with Georges Braque. 

Furthermore, Picasso has been the inventor of sculpture art and collage art style. His revolutionary art forms led the world to a new era of art. Today artists and painters use different materials to create sculptures and paintings and others just because of Picasso’s conceptual contribution to these things. 

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