Pakistan Boxing and the efforts of Jahangir Riaz

Pakistan Boxing will transform soon with the financial help of Green Hill. Abid Jahangir Riaz, son of late Jahangir Riaz, is promising to transform Pakistan Boxing with the finances of his father’s company.

Jahangir Riaz was the president of Green Hill, a provider of sports equipment like Martial Arts, specifically Judo. He died in June at the age of 56 due to Covid-19. Green Hill is the official supplier of Judogi for the International Judo Federation (IJF) for 11 years.

He died in Dubai and later shifted to Sialkot to hurry him in his homeland. His death upsets many people.
In June, He attended the Asian Boxing Federation’s opening ceremony in Dubai from Brazil. From there, he contracted Covid-19, which later became the reason for his death.

Pakistan Boxing and the PBF Elections

Five months before, He ran for the Presidential position against (POA) Pakistan Olympic Association’s secretary-general Syed Khalid Mehmood.

The election witnessed the split of the Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF). The half was in support of Jahangir as others were with Mehmood.

After Jahangir’s passing, his son will not let Pakistan Boxing interrupted.

Riaz told Dawn, “It’s simply that the government doesn’t recognize that (PBF)”

Pakistan Boxing didn’t require Government Funds

He added, that they can provide funds for anything themselves, and that’s the difference between them and the government.

In March, Green Hill sports partnered with the BRAVE Combat Federation. Green Hill sports which is based in the UK, officially signed them as merchandise partners.

Pakistan Boxing is suffering forever in terms of funding and sponsorships.

Riaz is eager to alter and facilitate the development of several other sports in the country.

In the coming week, Riaz is meeting with the president of AIBA (International Boxing Association) Umer Kremlev as they will discuss this matter further.

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The Landscape of Boxing as well as other Sports

Riaz is fully confident because of previous preliminary talks. He is hoping that his panel will receive a year as office bearers of PBF (Pakistan Boxing Federation) by AIBA.

He wants to change the landscape of Boxing Pakistan as well as several other sports in Pakistan.

In 1998, Hussain Shah won the Bronze medal for Pakistan at Seoul Olympics. Since then, the success of Pakistani sports has dropped. Pakistan has not fielded a single boxer since 2004 Athens.

Riaz is fully capable of changing this situation and is ready to fund sports for his organization.

He added that they don’t need the government to support them financially. They are quite capable of doing these things themselves.

He claimed that they will fund the events, the top Boxers, and will provide all the facilities they need to win at the global events.

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Green Hill to Supply Equipments for other Sports

Green Hill also supplies sports equipment other than boxing. Riaz is planning to grow multiple other sports by providing the equipment.

He said that they will involve sports other than Judo or MMA as they already provide for them.

They are planning to involve other sports and fund the potential Athletes.

He believes that it’s not just the government’s to fund the Athletes as the private sponsors can also do that.

Pakistani Sports will Progress in Future

Riaz wants to progress Pakistan’s sports he has a share in several Pakistani sports through Green Hill.

Riaz believes that people like him and others who spend and have been spending on sports are the future. He believes that government should include them in Sports politics.

He believes that this action is essential to move Pakistani Sports forward.

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