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Pakistan Will Face More Internet Outages Soon

Pakistan will face more internet outages soon. Accordingly, Internet outages are apparently there to stay. Now, the country is expected to go through more outages over the upcoming days. That is due to damage caused by floodwater amid heavy rain.

Accordingly, the floods have caused cable cuts and damage to fibre optic cables in the upper Sindh area of Pakistan. Consequently, the Internet in Pakistan is Down Again for the Nth time during just a week.

Pakistan Will Face More Internet Outages

Recently, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) shared a technical report. That is along with the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom. 

Accordingly, the report  shared deeper insight on the matter. It warned that repeated internet outages are mainly due to flood relief efforts in the Sukkur division. 

And, there are severe damages to the fibre-optic cables. The damages are due to the heavy machinery to clear water in the area.

Technical Reports Of PTA

The Ministry of Telecommunications has also sought technical reports from the telecom regulator. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). They have taken notice of the continuous internet outages. 

Accordingly, PTA reported that there was no criminal activity to cause these internet outages. But, these are due to digging trenches at various places to divert excess water.

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Moreover, due to extensive flooding, most of the pathways of underground cables have been submerged. Because, the relief workers or locals were trying to divert flood water by digging trenches on roads and footpaths. 

Now, the ministry has directed PTCL to declare an emergency. However, PTA is constantly monitoring the quality of service.

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