PakVac – Vaccine manufactured by Pakistan

PakVac – Pakistan is now producing a single-dose Covid vaccine, locally, with the help of Chinese pharmaceutical company.

Pakistan signed a deal with CasinoVac back in March to import a concrete of vaccine in bulk to start the production of Covid vaccine locally.

The production plant was inaugurated on Tuesday. An initial batch of 118,000 doses is ready to be delivered to government by Friday

PakVac production unit
A view of lab where PakVac is being produced

Another batch of 900,000 doses are already under the production plant. Pakistan aims to deliver 3 million doses per month, according to a health official

Professor Ameer Ikram, the NIH executive director told Reuters, “ This is a co-production almond with CanSino, they have transferred some of the production technology to Pakistan and they are supervising operations”

During the launch event Dr.Faisal told, it was not an easy task to develop the vaccine from scratch by using the raw materials

Federal Minister Asad Umer said, We need to promote PakVac as it is produced by us and this production is a revolution.

Three out of six vaccines approved by Pakistan are from China; Sinopharm, SinoVac and Cansinobio. Pakistan started vaccination drive from February with Sinopharm shots administered to health care workers

Production of vaccine in the country will cutdown around 25% of the cost being spent on vaccine procurement that roughly cost around 250 million dollars, stated by the officials . CanSino underwent clinical trials in Pakistan and shows almost 90.9% efficiency in stopping the virus.

On Tuesday, a special PIA plane airlifted 500,000 doses of Sinopharm from Beijing.

500,000 doses of the same batch arrived on Wednesday.

500,000 doses of SinoVac vaccine will be transported by Sunday from Bejing to Islamabad.

Pakistan has already administered 8 million doses since the start of mass vaccination last month. Covid positivity ratio was found to be 3.7% while 3397 people recovered from the virus, during the past 24 hours.

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