Peacekeeping Missions: Finally the budget is passed by the UN

The United Nations has finally passed a budget of about six billion dollars for the conduct of peacekeeping missions. At the end of factionalism among member states, the budget is successfully passed.

The United Nations finalized six billion dollars as budget on Wednesday. The organization said that if it had not done so by June 30, many peacekeeping missions would have become ineffective. Twelve missions have already been asked to take alternative measures.

In fact, the UN approves the budget for peacekeeping missions by June 30 each year. But if for some reason the UN is unable to pass the budget, only Secretary-General Antonio Guterres can pay from the fund. However, this time around, the budget was almost uncertain due to differences in the negotiation process, logistical issues, and Western hostility toward China.

An EU diplomat said such indifference to the importance of the time was going to harm peacekeeping missions. He called on member states not to set such an attitude in the future.

It is worth mentioning here that every year the United Nations passes the budget and the United States fills about 28 percent of it. China contributes about 15.2 percent of the budget and Japan contributes 8.5 percent. So it is easy to assume that conflict between the Western world and China was going to throw the peacekeeping mission into uncertainty.

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