Pfizer biotech brought changes in vaccine preservation method!

Pfizer’s biotech vaccine could be stored in a common refrigerator, according to the US-based giant biotech company. Pfizer, one of the US biotech companies that discovered about 95% Effective vaccines. But except for the vaccine, its preservation method has not been able to reach Pfizer in various developing and underdeveloped countries. But now pfizer  Biotic Company says that it is possible to store the vaccine at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius for about a month.

 Until now, the pfizer that the world was familiar with had to be stored at much lower temperatures and could not be stored for more than five days at intake.  It was not possible to deliver large quantities of the vaccine to any medical store. However, after further testing of the vaccine and its effectiveness, the United States approved the preservation period and the increase in temperature.  It will be possible to save up to about a month. This means that it can be easily stored in a normal fridge and it is possible to deliver more in different medical stores.

 Note that the Pfizer biotech vaccine was developed using the mRNA formula. As a result, it had to be stored at a much lower temperature.

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