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Pilots’ Strike In Lufthansa, Pilots Planned A Two Day Strike This Week

Pilots’ strike in Lufthansa, Pilots planned a two day strike this week. However, After last Friday’s strike, Lufthansa pilots were threatened. But, they will walk out again this Wednesday and Thursday unless the carrier makes a serious offer. 

Accordingly, it would be the second strike in a week. Previously, pilots staged a walkout Friday that led to hundreds of flights being cancelled.

Pilots’ Strike In Lufthansa 

Now, a union representing pilots at the German carrier. It says the two-day strike will continue unless the company makes a “serious” offer in talks over pay increases.

Accordingly, the union warned that the strike will affect both passenger and cargo services. Now, the airways company will look at possibilities to tackle the issue. 

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Why Are The Pilots In Lufthansa Striking?

The Union Vereinigung Cockpit has urged for a 5.5 percent raise for its members this year. And, an 8.2 percent increase in line with inflation in 2023. 

Accordingly, the Pilots are seeking a new pay and holiday structure. However, the airline says those measures would increase its staffing costs by about 40 per cent.

And, they may increase it by around €900 million over two years. It has instead offered a one-off increase of €900, amounting to a 5 percent increase for senior pilots. And, an 18 percent increase for those starting the profession.

Now, the Strong unions have traditionally ensured good conditions for workers in Germany. They are using the ways of strikes to press their demands in labour disputes.

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