PM Modi will be addressing world leaders at the UN

PM Modi is going to address at UN. At the high-level United Nations General Assembly, India will raise its voice on global issues such as terrorism, affordable access to vaccines, climate change, Indo-Pacific and U.N. reforms. 

And according to T.S. Tirumurti, the Indian Permanent Representative to the U.N. Ambassador, the entire 76th UNGA session will be dominated by the Afghanistan and COVID-19 pandemic issues. 

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Will PM Modi address the Debate?

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic issues and their effect, many problems will be discussed at the higher level segment. Climate change, ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and South Africa, U.N. Security Council reforms will be part of the discussion. 

This year’s UNGA session was started on September 14, under Abdulla Shahid’s presidency. But the General High-Level Week Debate will begin on September 21. In this Debate, U.S. president Joe Biden will be a part of it, and on Tuesday, he will address all the world leaders. 

On September 25, PM Modi will address the General Debate. 

And this is one of the reasons that make the 76th UNGA an important event for India. There’s a high expectation from India. That being itself leading voice of the developing world and the present member of U.N. Security Council, it will try to force up the global issues. 

“They include climate change, Sustainable Development Goals, equitable and affordable access to vaccines, poverty eradication and economic recovery, women’s empowerment and participation in governance structures, terrorism, peacekeeping/peacebuilding, Indo-Pacific and U.N. reforms. We will certainly do so, as we have indeed done so before as well,” Mr Tirumurti said

India can represent the discussions in a more constructive and cooperative framework in the General Assembly. 

The role is that India can perform so that they all have the chance to confront the world’s major issues. 

PM Modi preparations for the Debate

This year general debate theme is Building Resilience through faith to overcome from COVID-19. Reconstruct the sustainably and respond to the stimuli of the planet. 

According to Mr Tirumurti, the world leaders are most awaited for the speech of PM Modi at the General Assembly. And what PM Modi will speak is entirely his thoughts, and Mr Tirumurti doesn’t want to give a second guess of it. PM Modi always comes up with the core issues of the world, which are equally essential and concern to us. India will be part of three high-level meetings. Guterres and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hold a meeting with Climate Leaders on Climate Action. And this meeting will be held on Monday. 

However, the principal purpose of the world leaders will be to maintain the world’s 1.5C temperature goal within touch. 

Also, to attain the Sustainable Development Goals, on September 23, U.N. Food Systems Summit will organize the global food systems transformation platform. 


On September 24, high-level Dialogue on Energy will address to advance action on affordable and clean energy. This Sustainable Development Goal also includes the goal of total zero-emissions universal access source to energy.

However, in the G-20 meeting, Mr Jaishankar and his counterparts from several member states will discuss the issues in Afghanistan. Also in the G-4 summit, Foreign Ministers will discuss Security Council Reforms.

The current Covid-19 pandemic will cast a shadow on the gatherings of the world leaders. Besides the problems of Covid-19, Afghanistan, PM Modi will be addressing the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit last week. And by this, PM Modi has cleared up India’s stand. 

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