Post US Withdrawal Scenario Of Afghanistan

On Friday last US soldiers left Bagram airbase of Afghanistan. That air base was once home for thousands of US soldiers.

7000 more NATO troops are withdrawing. And 6000 defense contractors are also with them. Those contractors were very crucial for the maintenance services of jets and helicopters. Only 650 soldiers are there in Afghanistan to secure the US embassy. Seemingly the US has dumped the Afghan government to face Taliban troops. 

Critics Of Withdrawal Decision In USA

Many in America possess the view that the withdrawal decision is a blatant blunder. And they have certain arguments to prove it.

They say that the Afghan war is going to be more complicated. General Austin Scott Miller was commander of US troops in Afghanistan. Last Monday He also said openly that Afghanistan is going to be a hell of a civil war. 

Arguments Of Critics

Critics also argue that the withdrawal of troops is a victory for the Taliban. Because they will get power back after it. There are 421 districts in Afghanistan. And at the time of writing this post, the Taliban had captured more than one-quarter of them. And US officials are warning. That afghan government will not sustain for more than six months.

In the words of french expert Charles Morris ” It is more than a mistake, it’s blunder “

But this blunder took time. After Bush, every US President had either tried to have a limited role there or to entirely quit it.

USA’s Policy For Afghanistan

There is only one persistent policy of the USA for Afghanistan. That is its inconsistency. For half a decade there has been consistent consultation in the Whitehouse on the issue. And timely talks with the Taliban had been in process. And it looks that the Taliban have gained more on the table than battlefields. Though the so-called democratically elected Afghan government was anti-talks with the Taliban. But somehow the peace process continued.

Conclusion Of 20 Years War

And after 20 years of a long war. The USA is leaving Afghanistan. Leaving Where Afghanistan was before all this. Taliban getting stronger again. And are ready to take control.

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