Prosperity Of Bangladesh, A Reality Or Delusion?

Many economists and analysts give their precious opinion about the prosperity of Bangladesh. What I want to present here is another side of the story with some proof and evidence repeatedly published by recognized authorities. The aim of this article is not to defame any country or people. But to have an eagle eye on all that we perceive as facts.

Bangladeshi Women’s Conditions

First, we need to look at the Bangladeshi women’s condition. (CEDAW) Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women published its third and fourth reports. According to these reports, 30% of working prostitutes of Calcutta belong to Bangladesh. 

Survey Findings Of BNWLA

Human trafficking and especially women smuggling is a growing issue in different poor countries. BNWLA conducted a survey about the selling of Bangladeshi women. The findings of that survey were terrible to describe. It says about a million people have bought Bangladeshi women once in their lifetime. Regular steroids are given to the majority of working Bangladeshi women in Indian and Burmese cafe houses. As they look attractive to customers is the sole reason for this brutality. 

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Bangladesh, rising star of South Asia

Bangladeshi Men’s Conditions

Men’s conditions are not so much different than women of Bangladesh. The released report of UNHCR of the year 2012 revealed how cheap Bangladeshi labor is forced or otherwise agreed to work. Compared to Indian or Pakistani labor in gulf countries, Bangladeshi men are ready to work for half-pay. 

Questions Yet To Be Answered

Some simple questions arise in my mind. That if Bangladesh is so prosperous and rich then why it’s poor people, men and women, forced to work abroad in such low pays and bad conditions? Why are millions of Bangladeshi origin people settled illegally in India? Is it possible that GDP figures represent only billionaires? And poverty-stricken people are not appropriately represented in those figures?

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