Purple revolution: A new hope for India

Recently a different type of revolution has taken place in Jammu which is called the Purple Revolution.  This revolution has not only brought good news for the Jhumur farmers but it has also created a new milestone in the Indian economy.  The empowerment of women is also increasing due to the Purple Revolution.  This Purple Revolution is related to agricultural work which has changed the fortunes of the farmers of Jammu.

Lavender is being cultivated on a large scale in Jammu.  These lavenders are basically a flower that are well known for their extremely beautiful fragrance.  The most well-known color of this lavender flower is purple, hence the name Purple Revolution came into existence. Although this lavender flower is available in more different colors such as pink, white, blue, etc.  Recently, a lavender cultivation project has been taken up experimentally in Jammu, where more than five hundred farmers have been inspired to cultivate lavender instead of their old farming methods.  This lavender cultivation has changed the fortunes of the farmers and increased the income of the farmers manifold.

 The context of lavender cultivation

Lavender is commonly used to make skin care products and perfumes.  Its fragrance is more valuable.  In 2016, the Government of India launched a mission called Aroma Mission, where all the flower or tree cultivation projects that produce perfume are undertaken. Due to this mission, lavender cultivation has started in Jammu.

Landscaping and facilities required for lavender cultivation

After the huge success of lavender cultivation in Jammu, lavender cultivation is being given priority in Jharkhand, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.  In fact, cultivating lavender requires sunny and dry weather.  Moreover it is possible to cultivate in soils where other crops cannot be cultivated.  However, the presence of calcium carbonate in the soil is essential for lavender cultivation.  It does not require extra water to cultivate so it is very easy to cultivate even in arid regions.  It is possible to cultivate on abandoned land without causing any damage to other crops.  Moreover, it is possible to sell lavender at a much higher price than other crops.  Another important advantage of lavender cultivation is that its land is not afraid of being damaged by cows, goats or monkeys.  Because all these animals do not eat lavender flowers.  It requires very small amount of fertilizer for production which is available from dung or bio fertilizer. So it has very low cost of cultivation.

 Purple revolution and economic development

Farmers have benefited the most from lavender cultivation as it has increased their income to a large extent.  One liter of lavender oil costs about ten thousand rupees. It is possible to store up to forty liters of lavender oil per hectare of land. So you can understand how profitable it is.

But not only lavender oil but also two other economic products are available from lavender.  One is lavender water and the other is hydrosol. Lavender water is used for skin care products and hydrosol is used to create various room fresheners.  So the use of lavender oil and hydrosol production at the same time is quite profitable for the farmers.

Besides, lavender cultivation is a new milestone for the Indian economy.  This will affect the economy of the country as well as help in earning foreign exchange.  Because of the huge demand for lavender abroad, it is expected that India will be able to earn foreign exchange through lavender exports in the near future.

Lavender cultivation is ensuring the empowerment of women.  Since it can be cultivated at a very limited cost, housewives can cultivate it in their backyard or garden. Due to which many women are becoming self-reliant.

However, various organizations are working to maintain the genetic accuracy of lavender.  They are training farmers in various ways to produce lavender and maintain its genetic value.  So it is hoped that the very recent Purple Revolution will bring a lasting change to the Indian economy.

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