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Putin Criticizes “Reckless Insane” Sanctions And Denies Stocking Inflation

Vladimir Putin criticizes “Reckless Insane” sanctions and denies stocking inflation. He said on Friday that Russia’s offensive in Ukraine had not affected global economic difficulties. 

And, also the rising energy prices, but instead blamed the West. “We have all heard of the so-called ‘Putin inflation. Our steps to liberate Donbas have nothing to do with it” . He said in a plenary session in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Putin Criticizes West For Reckless Sanctions

He said that it was the result of systematic mistakes by the American administration and the European bureaucracy. For them, the Russian operation is a lifeline for which they can blame all.

Accordingly, the Russian president continued, criticizing “wrong economic policy.” western states.

“They printed, distributed money and plundered all the items in third country markets for that money,” he continued.

Thus, Putin has criticized the “crazy and unnecessary” sanctions imposed on western Russia. Saying Europeans are suffering more than Moscow.

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Why is the war in Ukraine affecting the European economy? 

The United States and European countries are facing rising inflation – up to 11% in the United Kingdom. And, it is mainly due to rising fuel prices. However, in Russia, the price of gasoline increased by 16.7% year on year. 

Gas prices continued to rise on Friday. While, Russian giant Gazprom reduced its supplies to Europe. Moreover, the Russian president also reiterated that his country and its army, Ukraine, did not shy away from exporting grain abroad. 

On the other hand, Ukraine has discovered its coast to protect itself from Russia’s military landings. However, in recent weeks, the UN has negotiated with Moscow, Kiev and Ankara. 

And, took a military guarantee for the use of the Black Sea for civilian ships. Making an agreement that could ban millions of tons of Ukrainian grain from leaving the country. 

Thus, When an agreement is reached, it can lower food prices and reduce concerns about the global food crisis.

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