Reaction Preferences: Secure your Facebook account

Facebook is constantly changing to prevent cybercrime. It is adding all-new features to prevent hacking. Reaction Preferences launched by Facebook to secure your Facebook account can be called an impeccable feature. In fact, with this feature, you can hide the likes and reactions of your Facebook posts from others.

Reaction preferences to prevent hacking

Every now and then new ways people are becoming victims of cybercrime. Hackers first want to harm a person by hacking his social account.

However, in most cases of hacking, it is seen that the hackers hack the account of the loved one of the person because naturally, the easiest way to reach a person is by targeting his loved one.

The feature of Like as well as Reaction is now available on almost all social media platforms including Facebook. In fact, the number of likes and reactions of a person’s post can be used to estimate the popularity of that person on social media.

However, there is a different aspect of likes and reactions. Usually, people close to us give us love or other reactions to our posts.

Later, these evil people easily target your loved one’s account. In some cases, by getting acquainted with them, they get all the information about you. Even in this case, it becomes easy for them to hack your device or account.

To prevent such problems and to make your account more secure, Facebook has introduced the Reaction Preference option, where you can hide the people who have reacted to your post from others.

Facebook authorities say that it is able to prevent hacking in many cases. This feature can be very useful, especially for women.

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How to activate reaction preferences to secure your Facebook account

So far we have learned about the new feature reaction preference of Facebook. The Facebook authorities have said that it is very effective in preventing hacking. So let’s not know how to activate this feature in your account.

First step

Open the Facebook application from your device and log in to your account.

Second step

Click the profile icon on the right. Then scroll down to the bottom and select the Settings option from the Privacy and Settings option.

Third step

After clicking on the settings option you will come up with several options. From there click on the reaction preference under the preference options. Then activate the reaction preference option.

This way you can easily activate the Reaction Preference option on your Facebook account. This will allow you to easily keep your loved ones who like or react to your posts away from hackers.

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