Red List of the UK causing a huge loss in South Africa

An outrage is going on at a current moment when Britain decided to remain South Africa on its Covid-19 red list of countries. Due to this, now South Africans cannot enter the UK. 

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary of the UK, has removed Turkey, Oman, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Kenya from the red list. The government has simplified many measures for foreigners to enter. But SA is still a part of the red list, letting its business off.  

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Outrage for the red list

CEO of Satsa, David Frost, who leads the campaign, thinks this decision is wholly lewd and unacceptable. This decision has been made based on old data and wrong readings of the science. Shapps’ decision is purely based on the fact that the Beta variant is primarily from South Africa. However, this has been anachronistic information since December 2020. 

He also asked how Kenya is not a part of the red list now and why South Africa is going through this unnecessarily.  

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However, the Covid-19 vaccinations are helping South Africans to travel to other holiday destinations. These destinations are Greece, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Still, the UK and US, which are the most significant source of inbound tourists, don’t allow South African tourists.

Loss due to Red List

According to the South African tourist industry, the Britons who travel to South Africa have to stay in ten days of quarantine. And this is costing a loss of R26-million a day to South Africa. 

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, since South Africa is on the red list, it has endured R2.4-billion from British tourism. UK tourism was one of the most significant sources of the market in South Africa. 

And UK arrivals have dropped by 97% since the complete shutdown of international travel. It all had happened from April to December 2020. 

Naledi Pandor, the International Relations and Cooperation Minister, became part of this campaign to influence Britain to remove South Africa from the red list. And this week, she raised the query again. She did it all on behalf of South Africa and many African countries present on the red list. 

Throughout the third wave, South Africa and its healthcare have shown good progress and cope with the challenge. And this is the counterparts to the UK to prevail the justice very soon. 


South Africa is a prominent destination for UK tourism. And due to this, there’s a lot of protests on the table of the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State.

Frost is concerned that South Africa might become the mutation factory of Covid-19. On August 30, Tulio de Oliveira said that 8.2 million South Africans infected with HIV are compromised of their immunity. And this will help a lot in harbouring the coronavirus for longer and chances of getting mutate. And this is one of the reasons for keeping South Africa on the red list. 

The evidence points to South Africa being removed from the red list. If the UK government wants to retain the integrity of its traffic light system, it must reward countries that empirically demonstrate they are safe by granting them amber status.

Since the detection of the beta variant in South Africa, the UK has imposed a ban on them. And when the beta variant completely takes over the Delta variant, it is also infectious in the UK. 

South Africans who are visiting the UK for emergency purposes is going through major expenses. First, they must stay in the quarantine for ten days with three meals a day and two PCR tests. And this is almost costing up to R35,000. The price is fixed, and they have no choice for the hotels.

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