Remote Access Tools Gets a Huge Success in Japan

Remote access tools provide freedom for users to work from anywhere. For years people are trying to operate computers and remote access tools. So that workers can regulate their computers outside work.

Japan has been recently introduced to a Korean-based company for remote access “Solutions”. The company is conquering one of the world’s toughest markets.

Seo-Hyung-su, the Rsupport CEO said, “In the Japanese Market the best multinational IT companies fiercely compete with each other.”

The CEO added, “For the Software providers to hold the attention of the corporate customers, someone needs a company that has the world’s notoriety technology exceptional to other huge IT giants.”

Remote Acces by Korea Defeats Competitors

The Rsupport based is Seol is infiltrating its neighboring country so successfully that it is now the prime provider of remote access solutions. They are defeating the competitors such as California-based Splashtop and the Japanese tech company the e-Jan Networks.

The Remote Access Solutions delivers the opportunity for employees to access their office computers from anywhere they present. The users can access almost anything they need from the office including public folders, printers, installed software on the company’s computer, and much more.

The RemoteView of Rsupport had a huge market share of the Japanese public cloud-based market of remote access. According to the reports by the Japanese MIC Research Institute, the share was 70% based on the data from June to September 2020.

By using the RemoteView tool the users can accessor control their computers from PCs, tablets, and their phones.

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The Market Share from Remote Access Tool

For over 10years, the company is maintaining a market share of 60-70 percent since 2007 in Japan. The company does this due to their standards of high-security with glitch-free services.

Rsupport is in the 5th position in the remote support software industry globally. They have a market share of 5.7% from 2014. It includes companies such as California-based WebEx, Germany’s TeamViewer, and headquartered in Boston LogMeIn.

According to Rsupport, the International Data Corporation who conducted the research, “They didn’t publish more market share data since 2014, and since then there’s not much change in the market share globally.”

The Rsupport’s 66.3% percent of revenues from 30 billion won ($25.6 million) in this year between January to June from the foreign countries.

Although the corporate does not allow providing the breakdown by country for ethical confidentiality purposes, they said that Japan is the huge source of RemoteView sales.

The company is also offering the ‘RemoteCall’. It’s the system of remote access that enables people like customer service agents to regulate their client’s divides remotely with another tool which RemoteMeeting, for video conference purposes.

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Work from Home First Started in Japan

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the first the world to start working from home but for Japan, it has happened earlier due to the Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.

More company’s as subscribing to the Remote access tools to prepare for the coming or potential future disasters or pandemics.

Since the Earthquake, Rsupport is getting successful by enabling monthly free trials for attracting customers.

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Reason Behind the Success of Remote Access Tools

It provides stable service for the people that’s why more people are getting hooked. Nobody likes the slowdowns crashes and lagging in computers services. Rsupport prevents the glitches and it makes their customers loyal towards them.

The free trial strategy is a success as more people are switching to the paid subscriptions after using the free trial.

Rsupport also wins in the department of security consciousness as they provide work-from-home tools. They ensure a high level of data protection.

The SE version enables the administration to ensure, check, and monitor all the activities and history of users connecting.

Also, it prevents the remote access device to upload and download files from an external source. Since it has a watermark function that protects the data from screen gambling.

In the future, it’s predicted that employees’ avatars can be present in computer-generated environments. Present at their virtual desks and remotely controlling their work desktop with their colleagues.

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