Rocket Lab to Launch BlackSky Satellites

Rocket Lab announced plans August 10 to launch three sets of satellites from late August through September from Newzealand. 

On July 29 A Rocket Lab Electron rocket lifted off on its Flight mission. Now it is going to conduct three launches of BlackSky satellites for Earth Observation. This is the fastest launch ever performed to date. 

The announcement comes a few days after Rocket Lab announced its first mission to the moon. That was the mission to launch in the fourth quarter of the year as part of NASA’s Artemis program.

This is now the set of three launches to the Earth Observation. A mutual agreement between the Rocket Lab and BlackSky satellites. This mission will  provide integration and mission management services for BlackSky.

About the Three Sets of Launches of Rocket lab

This is a multi-launch agreement between Rocket Lab and BlackSky company. These launches would carry two Gen-2 Blacksky imaging satellites. Previously one of the launches was announced to lift off in May, but the rocket’s upper stage malfunctioned. 

The mission has a theme : “love at first insight”. This is the Rocket lab’s  22nd electron launch. The mission will launch the eighth and ninth satellites of blackSky’s organized constellation. This is to expand BlackSky’s network in space allowing a real-time geospatial intelligence and monitoring services.

Role of BlackSky Satellites

BlackSky is a global company of real-time geospatial intelligence. It monitors different activities and platforms worldwide through it’s sensor networks and satellites. BlackSky’s constellation of satellites are capable of imaging any location a number of times in a day. 

BlackSky has a monitoring service, Spectra AI. It is powered by advanced computer techniques including machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and local language processing. 

BlackSky takes high-resolution images by its constellation of microsatellites. Then forward these to the proprietary artificial intelligence software in order to seek analytics and insights to different means. Those means include infrastructure, defense, Supply chain management and transportation etc. 

Statement of BlackSky CEO

According to Brian O’ Toole, the Chief executive of BlackSky, the company has been partnering with Rocket lab for several months to gain higher ends in launch campaigns of the space network. 

He further added that this step of rapid launches will prove to be an accelerated pace in the space network. Through which the company would be expanding the constellation, delivering real-time data and intelligence.

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About Rocket Lab Analysis

Rocket Lab is a global space industry which designs rockets and spacecraft for the orbital missions. It was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Long Beach California. Rocket Lab provides rockets for frequent and reliable access to civil, defense and commercial uses. 

Rocket Lab’s founder and  CEO, Peter Beck stated the analysis of its recent multi launch proposal. He said that this dedicated launch would be a bespoke service for satellite operators. For those who wanted control over orbital parameters. 

He further added that these three frequent missions allow blackSky to accelerate their plans for a constellation that meets the requirements of real-time data. Following the images produced within 24 hours rather than a single image at the same time each day. 

This launch ( love at first insight) would add to the Rocket lab’s launches to 107. Rocket Lab is working on its 2nd pad to support a higher launch rate. Rocket Lab’s spokesperson Mureille Baker stated that the company would launch the first satellite from its existing pad A and then will decide to select Pad 2 for other launches. 

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