Roses: Interesting Facts About Loving Flower

Roses contain various interesting facts. These are mainly believed to be the loving flowers. People around the world like roses at certain occasions. Roses are attractive, beautiful, and possess a lingering fragrance. 

Besides the beautiful appearance, the roses have an amazing history. There are many interesting facts about roses which make them more admirable. 

Interesting Facts about Roses’ History 

Origin of Roses

According to the archeologists, the roses are the most ancient flowers. People of Asia cultivated the roses about 5000 years ago. These probably originated in Central Asia.

Roses In 5th Century, Egyptian tombs 

Prior to the 5th Century, there were paintings on walls of Egyptian tombs, depicting roses. Cleopatra was a fancier of roses. She had a fountain filled with rose water.

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Romans and Roses

Romans associated roses with love and affection. Roman Emperors used roses to be set on the carpets and baths. They were fond of rose petals and used to put them falling from the ceilings. 

Roses in 17th Century in Europe

In the 17th Century, in Europe, roses and rose water became so valued and expensive. People used to consider roses as a legal tender and use them to pay their debts. 

Napoleon’s wife Josephine was a lover of roses. She established her own roses garden at Chateau de Malmaison. There were about 250 different varieties of roses in her garden. 

Roses In America In Modern Times

Several species of roses and their developments were found in American history. In 1699, William Penn imported rose bushes from England. 

The roses were planted at Mount Vernon by Geoge Wahington. John Adams planted the first rose at the White House. Today a well built rose garden is developed there. 

Beautiful Sites Of Roses

Roses are found world wide but there are many beautiful sites which are famous for the roses. Some of them are: 

Chartwell, the Garden of Winston Churchill

Chartwell is the rose garden of Winston Churchill. Lady Churchill designed and planted the garden. The garden is full of soft pink and white blooms of roses. There is a Golden rose walk having 32 varieties of yellow roses. 

Queen Mary’s Garden in London

Queen Mary’s Garden is home to London’s largest collection of roses. This is one of the beautiful sites of red roses. Roses are arranged in a circle. There are about 12000 in this garden. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Garden covering 30 acres of land is one of the most beautiful Roses sites in the world. It is also the home to different endangered species of plants. 

The Rose Garden at Campton Castle 

This is a small but beautiful rose garden. The Rose bush patterns views a jigsaw puzzle. A beautiful theme of whimsy shapes add an excitement to the visitors. 

Interesting Facts About Roses

Following are some interesting facts about Roses. 

  • There are approximately 150 species of roses and thousands of hybrids.
  • Almost 2000 roses are used to produce 1 gram of rose oil which is widely used in perfume industry
  • Apples, cherries, apricots, plums, peaches are the relatives of roses
  • Approximately 54percent land of Ecuador is covered with roses
  • Rose is England’s national flower. 
  • Roses are favourites of lyricist because there are more than 4000 songs on them
  • Different meanings of roses according to their colors: 

Red Roses:   Love

Blue Roses:   Secret or unattainable love

Orange Roses: Pride and desire towards someone

Pink Roses: Admiration, elegance and sweetness 

White Roses: Spirituality and Purity

Yellow Rose: Excitement and joy

Q: When did the world got it’s first blue rose?

The Kings Of Egypt and Their Monuments

A: Pyramid of djoser

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