Russia and China Relations Are Stronger Than Ever: Lavrov

World is rapidly moving towards multipolar powers. The USA is trying hard to sustain the status of sole supreme power on earth. This time Russia and China collectively are challenging Biden’s moves. Everywhere from Taiwan to Ukraine to Belarus to Latin America, different powers are showing their presence. 

Treaty Of Good Neighborliness And Friendly Cooperation

Twenty years ago there was a treaty between Russia and China. Treaty Of Good Neighborliness And Friendly Cooperation was a benchmark of both countries’ relations. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the treaty Russian top diplomat, Sergei Lavrov talked to the media. 

He spoke to Russian Rossiyskaya Gazeta Newspaper and Chinese People’s Daily. That 21st century is experiencing a perfect example of mutual Cooperation in the shape of sino-russian ties. Mutual understanding is on unprecedented levels. Treaty will remain in history as a great milestone of both countries’ friendship. 

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Sergei Lavrov To Media

Russian Foreign Minister Further emphasized to the audience. There remained traditional friendship relations between people of both countries. Putin and Xi Jinping have unending supportive visions. This is a model bond of bilateral understanding. Countries and people from dual sides have aspirations of a stable multipolar world. Only this can guarantee global security and stability.

Sergei reminded us that hundreds of bilateral documents were the outputs of key provisions of the Treaty of Good Neighborliness And Friendly Cooperation. These provisions provided strong legal frameworks. Which were necessary to build relationships with third world countries. 

Lavrov sent a clear message in his op-ed to the world’s rival powers. That Russia and China are two bodies with a single soul. No one can create differences between us. We have a united political will. We possess economic feasibility. Our foreign policy priorities comply with each other’s interests. This all has become possible because of boosted strategic partnerships.

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