Russia Will Protect Tajikistan If Attacked From Afghanistan

Central Asian states’ security has become a matter of deep concern since the US is withdrawing from Afghanistan. There is an organization namely Shanghai Cooperation Organization. That mainly deals with the economic progress of the region. 

Brief Introduction Of CSTO

Another organization CSTO is also operating in the region. The Central States Treaty Organization mainly sees security issues of the region. Here Russia is the leader. Tajikistan is also a member of CSTO. Afghan Tajik border has been under stress for weeks. 

Statement Of Russian Foreign Minister

Recently Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov lectured at the Far Eastern Federal University Of Russia. On Thursday he openly vowed his determination that Russia will protect Tajikistan if attacks come from Afghanistan.

Russian Top Diplomat also assured that he will take it to the immediate discussion in CSTO. If something worth necessary actions would be sensed. 

Lavrov further mentioned the Russian tradition of honoring commitments in difficult times. Russia has a military base in Tajikistan. And it can not bear instability in the region.

Clashes On Afghan Tajik Border

News is coming from different confirmed resources that the Afghan Tajik border has been under clashes for two weeks. More than 1000 Afghan army soldiers crossed the Tajikistan border. Afghan Taliban are gaining strength in the northern provinces of Afghanistan. That has sped up tensions among regional stakeholders. 

Russian Worries About Region

Russia cannot tolerate any terror group activities in the region. For them, central Asian states are their allies. Instability in the region doesn’t suit them. China has heavy investments in the region in BRI projects. It also showed concerns about ETIM restructuring in Afghanistan. 

Taliban’s have changed. They are mediating with all powers including China, Iran, and neighboring countries. They have also assured different powers that they will not host any outlawed terror group organization. 

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