Russian observers set up at Egypt’s airports

Russian observers are all ready for the next flight of tourists.

A flight of 300 Russian tourists has landed at the Hurghada Airport, Egypt, after six years on Aug 9. 

And after six years of hiatus, the first EgyptAir flight from Moscow has landed at the airport of Sharm el-Sheikh. 

After the wreck of a Russian charter flight carrying more than 200 people, Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared the complete restrictions of all flights to Egypt on Nov 6, 2015. However, this year the Moscow has agreed to board all flights from Egypt. 

Moscow’s decision to resume flights between Cairo has enlightened a spark of controversy in Egypt. Also adding the accusations that Egypt’s airport is under Russian surveillance, allowing Russian experts to be present there. 

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The Sources & Russian observers

The Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada airports are full of Russian security on Aug 8 to take care of travel procedures. According to the sources present at the airport of Egypt Independent, the Russian tourists who are arriving and departing from Egypt are provided one service counter and two halls with them. 

And according to Egypt’s Minister of Civil Aviation, Mohammad Manar Enabah, it is coming to be in the air that Russian observers are going to stay forever at Hurghada Airport to ensure that the protocols for the Russian travel are in regulations. 

And recently a meeting was held in the purpose of security measures at arrival and departure. Also, these measures are equally crucial to prevent the coronavirus as well. 

Russian Transportation Ministry intends to forensic all the safety measures in all airports in Egypt. 

The pathway decision of Russian observers

On May 14, the news of the Egyptian agreement upon the arrival of Russian officers at Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada airport came into the ears. And the core purpose of this agreement was just to resume the flights in these cities, as Russian tourists are suitable for the economy of Egypt. 

Initially, Egyptians were considering Russian security as a breach of sovereignty that can threaten national security. But later on, Egyptians agreed upon this after the 2015 Russian carrier’s incident. 

Special stations are provided to Russian observers for the security of the Russian flights in these two airports. 

But many obstacles are standing upon the Russian tourists on vising Egypt. From the start of the Russian observers to Russian incorporated hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.

And this is the subject of the query as Russians themselves consist of 30% of tourists in Egypt. 

Importance of Russian Tourists 

During 2015-2016, the number of Russian tourists exceeded up to 3 million people in Egpyt. And at that time, Russians were 50% of the total tourism in Egypt. 

 And as Russian tourists impact a significant effect on Egypt’s GDP, the suspension of the flights was the decision of so much loss.  

However after the Russian plane crash in 2015. The Egyptian tourism sector has to bear the loss of 6 billion Egyptian pounds. 

There was a steep decline of 48.9% in the revenue. 

And to calm out the public sentiments on the presence of Russians at the Egyptian airports, officials say that Egypt has its full sovereignty over its planes. And Russians are not interfering at all in managing the airports. Their role is limited in inspecting the protocols. 

Hanfai cleared out that Russians have full rights to forensic the protocols to be followed at the Egyptian airports and monitor security stratagems. Their presence is not a matter of fear, it is entirely normal, and it happens in all countries.

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