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Sardinia To Introduce Tickets For Beach And Fees To Curb Over Tourism

Sardinia to introduce tickets for Beach and fees to curb over Tourism. The Italian island of Sardinia has protected its exotic beaches from excessive tourism with many new restrictions.

The beach on the island is known for its clean sands, including the famous pink beach. But, the beach also suffers from respectful visitor behavior and congestion.

Saridinia To Introduce New Rules For Beach

Saridinia, Italy has introduced new rules for Beach. To protect the coast, the island has limited the number of visitors and introduced fees on some of the most famous beaches.

Now, this summer, Saridinia introduced several new regulations and restrictions. They are to protect the natural environment. 

This year, island of Budelli, Spiaggia Rosa and Spiaggia del Cavaliere, will have a little number of beach visitors. Also, La Maddalena, Cala Coticcio and Cala Brigantina limit the number of visitors.

Accordingly, on the island of La Maddalena, two beaches now have limited access. Cala Coticcio and Cala Brigantina can only be visited by 60 people a day in summer.

Saridinia To Introduce Tickets For Beach

Furthermore, travelers must book their slot online and pay € 3 per person for access to the guided beaches. And, at this point, you need to book a visit directly with your local guide. 

However, authorities say they will release an application soon where guests can book tickets.

Cala Sisine allows 1,600 visitors a day and Santa Maria Navarrese beach is open at 1,300. In Cala Mariolo, 550 people have to pay per day for a fee of € 1 per person.

And, in Villasimius in the south-east, visitors to Punta Molentis, Riu Trotta and Port Sa Ruxi beaches must pay to gain access to the car park. Each car costs EUR 10 and another EUR 1 for each passenger. Cyclists and pedestrians pay € 3.

Saridinia’s Beautiful Beaches For Tourism

Sardinia is located on the west coast of Italy and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Accordingly, the island has always been one of the best places in Italy for a beach holiday.

But the popularity of the island’s coast is beginning to cause problems. Spiaggia Rosa, located on the outer island of Budelli, attracts thousands of tourists every summer to admire its beautiful pink sand. 

However, visitors can only see the beautiful sands on a boat in the distance. The local government began acting after tourists had started smuggling pounds of souvenirs.

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