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Scientists Designed Face Masks That Detect COVID And Other Viruses

Scientists designed face masks that detect COVID and other viruses in the air. Accordingly, these masks are able to detect the viruses even in ultra-low concentrations in liquid or gas.

Now, it will be touted as an early warning system. Then, these masks could help to prevent outbreaks of several infectious diseases. 

Scientists Designed Masks To Detect COVID And Other Viruses

Scientists designed masks for virus detection. Accordingly, there will be electronic devices in the masks. These devices will process the signals in real time. Then, these masks will be issuing a swift alert if it detects the virus. 

Accordingly, it can detect common respiratory viruses in the air in either droplets or aerosols. That is largely how diseases such as COVID-19 or H1N1 (flu) are spread. Work when infected people talk, cough, or sneeze.

Research By Yin Fang, A Material Scientist 

Yin Fang is a material scientist at Shanghai Tongji University. Also, he is a corresponding author of the study. He said: 

“Previous research has shown face mask wearing can reduce the risk of spreading and contracting the disease.” 

“So, we wanted to create a mask that can detect the presence of virus in the air and alert the wearer”.

According to him, the mask would work particularly well in enclosed spaces. And, this will be a part of higher-risk settings for transmission of viruses.

On the other hand, Fang said: “Our mask would work really well in spaces with poor ventilation, such as elevators or enclosed rooms, where the risk of getting infected is high.” 

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