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Shortages In The Stocks Of The US Baby Formula Supplies. 

There are about 40% shortages in the stocks of the US baby formula. It appears to be increasing and may remain for some time in that way. 

The shortages in the stocks of the baby supply foods began at the end of April, according to Datasembly. Accordingly, there has been a clear increase of 31 percent at the beginning of April.

Shortages In The US Baby Formula Supplies

According to the sources, the growing inflation has induced multiple issues and baby formula supplies could be one of those. However, there are about 26 states that have out of stock rates of 40% to 50%.

Including the states of Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, lowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Moreover, some Metro areas have even higher shortage rates. 

Among those higher rates, TX has climbed to 57%. On the other hand, Memphis, Nashville and Tennessee reached up to 52% for out of stock shortages.

Statement Of Ben Reich

Ben Reich is the CEO of Datasembly. He said in a statement that unfortunately they didn’t see that slowing down any time soon. 

He added that due to inflation there was a continuous shortage and that had brought volatility to the product categories. And, supplies of baby formula products were among one of the most affected products in the US markets.

Response By The National WIC Association 

The National WIC Association has been a nonprofit organization. It provides information and support for the U.S food and Nutrition Services. And, it specially works for a Supplemental Nutrition Program for women, Infants and Children (WIC).

Accordingly, Abbott Nutrition is the most extensive supplier group to provide services for more than half of the WIC agencies worldwide. 

Then, Abbott Nutrition has made an immediate response to the shortages of baby formula supply. Thus, It said in a statement that the company has been working to increase the supply immediately and to import these products from Europe.

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