Significances of Bangladesh: What makes the country important?

Significances of Bangladesh in global arena lies on its geopolitical strength and abundance of human resources. Static location also make Bangladesh important to global leaders.

Bangladesh is a developing country of South Asia which is geographically surrounded by giant India. However, to the south of the country lies the Bay of Bengal and to the southeast Bangladesh shares the border with Myanmar.

Although Bangladesh is not a major power in military and economic terms, a number of factors have made the country important in the international arena. And among these factors lies the soft power of Bangladesh.

In fact, soft power is a process by which a state influences or maintains its dominance over another state. This is quite different from military-grade or economic suggestions which show the strategic aspect of a state.

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soft power and significances of Bangladesh

Geopolitically, Bangladesh can be called a blessing that is currently the main attraction of various superpowers. Regional powers such as China and India as well as Russia, including the United States, want to exert their influence on Bangladesh.

Added to this are Bangladesh’s soft power policies, which have made the country even more significant.

bangladesh’s trade power

Bangladesh’s growth rate has increased from neighboring India. Though the GDP of country has declined due to the ongoing pandemic, Bangladeshi economy improves. Although there are many other reasons behind this, Bangladesh’s economy is heavily dependent on readymade garments.

The United States and European countries are one of the major markets for readymade garments in Bangladesh.

Apart from readymade garments, Bangladesh also exports hilsa fish sea food which comes mainly from 700 rivers that are flowing over Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal.

Besides, since ancient times, Bangladesh has been a major center of attraction for foreign merchants.

Sea port of Bangladesh

To the south of Bangladesh is the vast Bay of Bengal. Apart from the blue economy, which is politically and strategically important.

It is possible to trade through various ports in the south of Bangladesh such as Mongla seaport and Chittagong port. Besides, both China and India consider Bangladesh as an important region to control the Indian Ocean through the Bay of Bengal.

On the other hand, both the United States and Russia want to retain control of the Indian Ocean by deploying their troops in the region.

And for this, almost all countries want to maintain good relations with Bangladesh and accelerate infrastructural development through economic assistance and cooperation.

Bangladeshi culture and its importance

Culture, which is a part of Bangladesh’s soft power, has made Bangladesh very important in the regional area
Until the partition, Bangladesh practiced the same culture with neighboring India and Pakistan. As a result, India has always valued Bangladesh.

Because culturally Bangladesh is one of the markets of satellite channels of India.

Education system of bangladesh

From the educational point of view, Bangladesh is very important in the international arena. Because every year a large number of Bangladeshi students go to study.

Again, a small number of students from neighboring countries such as Indian Kashmiris, Nepalese or Bhutanese come to study in Bangladesh. Foreign students from Bangladesh study more in the medical sector.

Bangladeshi labour strength

The economy of Bangladesh can be called a labor incentive economy. The reason is that Bangladesh has workers at very low prices. The abundance of labor has made Bangladesh important in the world arena.

A large number of workers from Bangladesh work in European countries ad well as Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and the Middle East.

Tourism and Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s tourism industry is not very developed. But the location of the world’s largest beach has made Bangladesh geographically important.

Cox’s Bazar in Chittagong district in the south of Bangladesh is the largest beach in the world, which is visited by many foreign tourists.

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Digitization of Bangladesh

Another area that has made Bangladesh important in the international arena in recent times is digitalisation.

Currently, a large number of young people provide services through freelancing. Foreign clients are also attracted to this service to get good quality service at a very low cost.

However, the country is still in the process of digitalisation politically, which may open up a potential field for Bangladesh in the near future.

Bangladesh’s foreign policy

Lastly, I will end today’s event with another reason. And that is that the foreign policy of Bangladesh has recognized Bangladesh as a neutral friendly country in the world arena.

Bangladesh’s foreign policy has been based on the principle that friendship with all is not enmity with anyone, which is helping Bangladesh to maintain friendly relations with all other countries. And other countries can easily establish their diplomatic relations with Bangladesh.

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