Simple Explanation Of Karl Marx’s Original Communism

The world is moving towards multi polarism. Where we can see emerging regional powers having their own history and philosophical schools of thought. If we ponder deep into Russian studies we need to understand communism in its originality. There have been major differences between communism and socialism also between Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism with Maoism. Today we will try to focus on Karl Marx’s Original Communism. And a simple explanation will be provided here for enhancing readers’ approach regarding this concept. 

Basic Definition Of Communism

Basic Definition of Communism can be expressed as. It is such a society where every person has to work with his potential. And he will get the reward for his work according to his needs. 

Yes, it is a simplistic definition. And interestingly it is the reason for its failure when implemented in different countries. Why because if every healthy and weak person works according to his potential and is getting an equal reward. Then there is nothing like work incentive.

More Ideas Of Original Communism

Let’s have a look at more ideas of original communism. It is a Utopian society. Where there is no concept of money, state, country, classes, and discrimination among poor and rich. In such a society all individuals equally own and share all means of production like land, farms, factories, etc. 

Difference Between Original Communism And its Sino-Russian Versions

Karl Marx was the originator of Communism. In his ideas, there was no state, boundaries of countries, and nothing like things. Karl Marx was a German philosopher. Despite his strong desires, he never succeeded to see his ideas’ implemented in any region. In Sino-Russian Versions of Communism, to which we can say they were Socialism, one-party state dictatorship was shown. And hence they are different from Karl’s theory. 

Early Lifestyle Of Humans Was Primitive Form Of Communism

If we look back into homo sapiens’ anthropological beliefs. We can conclude that it was the era of primitive forms of Communism. People used to live in tribal forms of society. Where their sole survival was hunting initially. Whatever they hunt for food. All people share it. Their shelter was equally shared. Weak people like ill, women, and children also get their shares as per their needs. No need for country, boundaries or even the concept of money may not be in their society in very early stages. 

Karl Marx’s Background

Karl Marx was the man of the period of the industrial revolution. He himself had seen the worst conditions of workers. Laborers were working for max hours. And they were getting minimum wages. This scenario made him want to create a Utopian society. Where his ideas of Communist manifesto get the reality.

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What Communist Manifesto Revealed

The world-renowned and famous book of Karl Marx is the Communists Manifesto, published in 1848. What is revealed in it Karl’s Utopian society should be like that. 

There must be an end to worker exploitation by capitalists. The way to establish a Utopian communist society is the collective efforts of workers. They should overthrow the king or monarchy. 

All people should equally own and distribute the benefits of all means of production. This means the abolition of private property. 

The world will see such an amazing imaginary society. In which discrimination based on poverty, races, colors, languages would be annihilated. Total equality in all spheres everywhere. 

Everyone can get free standard education and the best health facilities. No one has to pay for it. There is no space for inherited wealth in Karl’s Utopian society. 

These things are good to imagine but are next to impossible to experience. The world experienced Lenin, Stalin, and Mao’s dictatorship in the name of Karl Marx’s Original Communism. 

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