Smart Shoes Invented by a Young Pakistani Student for Visually Impaired

Smart Shoes is no doubt a beneficial invention for blind and visually impaired people.

A Student from Pakistan made Smart shoes that will guide visually impaired people.

Wasiullah, A student from Swat, Malam Jabba Pakistan, invented smart shoes that’ll defeat the walking sticks and guides.

He’s just 17 years old and currently completed his Matriculation from Government Higher Secondary School Kishwara Swat.

Smart Shoes Charge by Solar Energy and Other Projects

According to Wasiullah, the shoes consist the capability to alarm the user by sensing any obstacle in the way within 120cm of radius. The shoe will warn the user by using sounds and vibrations.

The battery of the shoes can amazingly charge with the Solar System as he installed transmissions in the shoes for the blind.

He said, “As I had worked before on many projects, but due to the fact of lack of support and resources from the government, I can not progress in my current field.”

The talented student also informed the kind of projects he previously worked on including a Robot and visual light communication. In that, he used visible light to transport the data.

He is also expressing his hope and desire to work on other innovative projects in the future. The projects that he’s interested in include High-Security Power Home for a safe and sound future.

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The History of Smart Shoes Inventions

Another IT student from Pakistan, Shanza Munir invented smart shoes for visually impaired people back in 2019. The invention made news back in time.

She was representing Pakistan in Dubai FGC (First Global Challenge) back in October 2019. Around 1500 bright minds participated in the event with their great inventions.

The Shoes made headlines as it was a smart invention. The Product also posses the ability of sensing and alarming the user with noises. It can sense around 200cm of radius. It also came with a built-in vibration system for alarming purposes.

This innovation was also invented back in 2014 by a collaboration of an Indian engineer named Anirudh Sharma along with his friend Krispian Lawrence. His invention got successful and then he set up his own company and the set show line for sale.

The shoes are there to guide the turns for the user and potential hurdles but they do not alarm about every single obstacle in the way. That’s why the shoes are designed to be used with a stick or a cane.

An Australian company is known as InnoMake also designed ‘intelligent Shoe’ for guidance, four months ago.

It also tells about the potential obstacles in the way with vibration sensors. The intelligent control system can last up to one week.

The feedback for the user is provided by smartphone and bone-structure headphones.

The shoes are not up for sale yet but will soon in the future.

Afforability and Cost

As we know Smart inventions of products all around the world are costly than usual whether it’s the phone, watch, and now Shoes.

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The cost sometimes represents the better quality of products but this is not the usual case.

The affordability of the invention for needy users has always been a problem as less financially stable people can not afford most of the Smart products.

If we talk about the cost of Smart Shoes, the product by the Australian company can be around USD 3800$ for a pair.

The product of the Anirudh brand cost around 100$ around 17,000 Pakistani Rupees.

According to the details, the production cost of Smart shoes by Shanza was around 10,000 to 12,000 Pakistani Rupees ( Around USD $70).

Due to the currency of Pakistan, the shoes are comparatively cheaper and can be more affordable if the project is supported by the government.

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Government needs to Sponser Young Talent

As we know and heard that many other innovative and talented students in the country are an asset to Pakistan. The students are innovating and playing an essential role in the industry of technological development of Pakistan.

Wasiullah is urging the Pakistani government and higher authorities to support and collaborate with him. He is hoping them to sponsor and financially support his projects so that he can make his country proud on an International Platform.

Not forgetting that Wasiullah did this innovative project at such a young age. It’s impressive for the Pakistani Nation as the possessing talented youth in the country.

Their Smart ideas are beneficial and may alleviate a lot of critical lives of people throughout the globe. It’s possible if they get the proper support and help from higher authorities.

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