Smartphone Hacks: What to do when phone falls into water?

Which is the best smartphone hacks of today? What to do if your favorite mobile phone falls into the water?

At present, the whole world is captivated by the small screen of the smartphone. And so the smartphone is now a daily companion, not only for communication or entertainment, but also as the workplace.

Sometimes the screen may break by falling out of hand or sometimes the phone may get wet in the rain. So if your favorite device is not waterproof, then is also your concern in contact with water.

However, when the smartphone gets wet in the water, we get anxious and do some things that should not be done at all. These cannot protect the damage and also cause harm. So let’s find out what should and should not be done if the smartphone gets wet in the water.

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Smartphone Hacks: What not to do?

Smartphones are now everywhere from kitchens to washrooms. And so there is a lot of possibility of the smartphone falling into the water or inadvertently getting into the water. So let’s see what should not be done if the smartphone comes in contact with water.

Shaking the smartphone

When the smartphone falls into the water, the first thing we do is pick up the smartphone and start shaking it. Because we think that the water that enters the smartphone will come out.

But this should never be done. Because by doing this, water can go further inside the mobile phone, which will cause more damage to the smartphone.

Trying to restart repeatedly

When it falls into the water, the smartphone often shuts down. Then we become impatient and try to restart the phone again and again.

But doing so puts a strain on your phone’s battery and can quickly damage the phone.

Try charging

If the phone falls off in the water, we try to charge it quickly. But it should not be done.

Doing so can create an electrical circuit in the water located in the phone, which will destroy the internal parts of your phone.

using hair dryer

Many people use a hair dryer to dry the water out of the phone that has fallen into the water.

But this will damage your phones. On the one hand, the hot air of the hair dryer will damage the internal parts of your phone, on the other hand, it will dry water and store it inside the phone in the form of air bubbles.

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Smartphone hacks: what to do?

Now let’s know what to do if your smartphone falls into the water.


If the smartphone falls into the water or gets wet, do not try to get the water out by shaking it unnecessarily. Wrap the phone in a thick cloth to get the water out of the smartphone quickly. This will absorb most of the water.


Then you have to take out water from different holes of the smartphone such as charging point or earphone point. For this, if you have a cotton bar, clean the water well with it. Or clean the water from the charging point or other holes by wrapping a thin cotton cloth.


Then it is your turn to dry your smartphone. You can dry your smartphone in a place where there is no direct sunlight but there is heat.


When good water comes out of your phone, restart it and charge it.

But what to do if your phone is not starting or charging? If your smartphone is not charged then you have to understand that its battery is damaged. For this you have to change the battery of the phone.

And if the phone does not restart, then there may be a problem with the display. There is no option without servicing the phone.

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