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Snipers Injured several protestors in Lebanon

Atleast six people diet in Beirut’s most terrible road violence in 13 years, as many armed militants took to the streets of the and the large part of the city was constrained into lockdown by heavy fighting.

The trigger for the conflicts in areas close to the justice courts, which left dozens injured, was a protest by members from Amal and Hezbollah, two dominatingly Shia ideological groups, against a judici probe into the huge blast in the city’s port last year.

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Violence erupted from the rally

Fights erupted in an intensely populated area in Beirut during a protest by Hezbollah allies. They sais that they were assaulted by Christian militants. However, the facts are as yet undiscovered. Authorities said that at least five individuals were killed and dozens were injured.

It comes against a backdrop of widespread blackouts and government loss of motion in Lebanon and as the country is still investigating the enormous blast at the Beirut port last year, which was the subject of the protest.

The cause of protests

Hezbollah and Amal are two Shiite ideological groups who have their own state armies. Also, they were fighting over what they say is an unreasonable investigation concerning the Beirut port blast, which happened in the year 2020, last year.

In recent weeks, they’ve been pressurizing for the removal of the judge that is in control of the ongoing investigation of Beirut blast. Also, Hezbollah’s chief, Hassan Nasrallah, has called for him to be replaced and blamed him for political predisposition in that investigation.

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Eye witness account

Eyewitness told MTV Lebanon news on Thursday evening that various men came to Ain El Remmaneh through a side road and started reciting Shi’ite mottos. They then begun talking with other men from the rally and a fistfight broke out, leading to one of the young fellows from the area bringing a Kalashnikov rifle and firing toward the Shi’ite men, who hurried to bring weapons from their vehicles. The conflict extended all through the neighborhood prompting the serious conflicts that kept going for hours.

The eyewitnesses also claimed that the Hezbollah allies purposely entered the Ain El Remmaneh region to cause an incitement, comparing the episode with the May 7 violence that almost ignited a civil war in 2008.

Army intervention

The Lebanese army announced; “The army command made contacts with the concerned parties on both sides to contain the situation and prevent a slide toward sedition, and the command reiterated its zero tolerance with any armed forces, while army units continue to deploy in the area to prevent renewed clashes.”

Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi stressed on the fact that individuals were shot in the head by riflemen is unacceptable, adding that all government organizations are doing their part to capture the culprits and deal with them.

Lebanese Forces chief, Samir Geagea said in an explanation that he condemn Thursday’s conflicts, yet didn’t react to allegations from Hezbollah and Amal. He went on saying; “The fundamental reasons behind these events are free and widespread weapons that are a danger to residents anywhere anytime.


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