South Africa is experiencing the worst Riots ever in history.

The ongoing riots in South Africa have taken their wildest form, not ever seen in the past. The imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma is the reason for the riots. So far, it has caused 72 deaths and a lot more vandalism to the country. The region of Kwazulu-Natal has become the epicenter of the riots resulting in severe damage to the province.

The riots in South Africa are getting much worse that the armed forces are compelled to fire stun grenades and rubber bullets on the protesters. The situation has also spread to other cities like Mpumalanga, Gauteng, and Northern Cape. The element that triggered the violence is the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma. He was in the accusation of corruption charges and he had to summon the court at the given date. But he failed to do so, and as a result, he got 15-month imprisonment for contempt of the court. He was also in the accusation of the charges that he allegedly received bribes during South Africa’s 1999 arms procurement deals.

Amidst the pandemic, South Africa is already facing lots of issues in terms of national health. With these types of conditions, it would be impossible for the country to eradicate the spreading of the COVID-19 virus effectively. The guidelines have been fully violating by the people in the protests.


The protests for releasing Zuma have evolved to a significantly greater extent. People are in full support of their former president which they believe served the country faithfully from 2009-18. The current economic conditions of the countries have further fanned the protest. The GDP has fallen sharply in the last year due to the pandemic. People believe that the government is lagging in managing the economy and food crisis promptly. Like last year around 10 million people have faced hunger amidst the raging pandemic.

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