South Africa Jailed Ex-President Jacob Zuma Attend Brother’s Funeral

Former president Jacob Zuma, who was under custody this month, got special permission for his brother’s funeral. 

He was in custody due to South Africa’s worst outbreak of violence in years. And according to the government, after his special permission, he will be back to the prison by the afternoon. 

Zuma’s Outfit

In KwaZulu-Natal province, Zuma was in a black suit and white shirt, and he walked from his homestead to his brother’s neighboring property in Nkandla. 

And according to the department of correctional services, Zuma need not wear an offenders’ uniform outside prison walls.

Rules for Compassionate Permission 

As there was a short-term and low-risk inmate, there was an easy way to get compassionate permission for Zuma.  

It is ensuring his security and his safe arrival back in the Estcourt. The trained officers around him accompanied him.

All over the road, soldiers and police vehicles were patrolling. 

Since Zuma surrendered himself over on July 7 to serve a 15-month sentence for contempt of court, he is in Estcourt prison.

Zuma’s Surrender 

During his nine years in office until 2018-19, Zuma was sentenced for resisting a constitutional court order to give proof at an inquiry investigating high-level corruption.

When he surrendered himself, there were vast protests and riots all over the city by his supporters. These riots involved looting arson that was later described as an “insurrection.”

The death count has risen to 337. Thousands of soldiers have lost their lives while deploying to help quell the violence. Among the worst since the governing African National Congress won South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994 to replace white minority rule.

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