Eskom to make a transition for renewables in South Africa

South Africa is the twelfth-highest in the world and highest in Africa, the emitter of CO2. It emits about 470 million Mt CO2 equivalent over a year, according to the Global Carbon Atlas 2021. Eskom Holding SOC Ltd is South Africa’s national power utility. And it is the only of electricity for the country through thermal power plants. Due to coal usage as a primary fuel, the company produces 213 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents a year, causing a severe threat to the environment.

Living in the 20th century, we have come across many environmental revolutions like lowering global warming, preventing deforestation, and the most important of all, going carbonless before 2030. All of them eventually ad up to a single motive, i.e., to save our mother Earth and nature. Eskom has taken the initiative of making transit to renewable fuels for energy production. For this, the company has put forward a $10 billion plan towards multilateral banks.

It has also been stated that why the development was necessary. Since the industry generated more than 90 percent of South Africa’s Electricity using coal, which leads to the emission of CO2, a deadly greenhouse gas. Also, Eskom could not maintain the existing coal plants and work on new projects on time. This caused prolonged outages of electricity in some areas and an increase in a national electricity tariff. Thus it has proposed a transition to a whole new strategy for the generation of power.

The proposal is a part of Integrated Resource Plan, by the South African government, promoting shifting from coal to renewables. The Global Electricity Review mentioned that 86% of the country’s electricity came from thermal power plants, adding up to 34% in the world.

The Integrated Resource Plan is following the strategy of the Go Carbonless program.
The Integrated Resource plan also aims to a 32 Giga Watts shift from coal-based to cleaner renewable fuels. It also generates 24 Giga Watts of electricity for the country with a clean and green outcome.

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