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Space Perspective Unveiled A Capsule Design For Tourist Flights 

Space Perspectives unveiled a capsule design for tourist flights. This spherical capsule boasts big windows and a proprietary “splash cone.”

Accordingly Space Perspective’s balloon-borne capsule would have a different look like a gumdrop shape. One may not associate it with that aerospace term.

Space Perspectives Unveiled A Capsule Design Flight

Space Perspectives is a Florida based Company. It has unveiled the exterior design of its pressurised capsule. Accordingly, it will begin carrying customers to the stratosphere. 

From beneath a giant balloon just two years from now, if all goes according to plan. Also, the flight is known as Spaceship Neptune. It is spherical and it turns out. 

About The Capsule Design Of Space Flight

Space flights have a typical spherical shape. That’s why, it maximises the panoramic views by the capsule’s windows. Accordingly, this will be the largest ever to fly so high. 

On the other hand, Spaceship Neptune will also sport a proprietary “splash cone” at its base. Scientists have designed it to make its ocean landings softer and safer.

Moreover, the Spaceship Neptune’s cabin will feature a restroom with a view. And, it have a “Space Lounge” with a telescope and interactive screens, among other amenities.

New Tourist Flight And Its Ride Costs

The flight will take passengers on a gentle ride to a maximum altitude of about 100,000 feet (30,000 metres). It will allow a view of our thin atmosphere against the blackness of space.

However, the Spaceship Neptune won’t actually reach space, and passengers won’t experience weightlessness. Accordingly, a seat aboard the capsule currently sells for $125,000. And, nearly 900 people have bought a ticket to date. 

Now, the company has a competitor in the stratospheric tourism market. That is Arizona-based World View, which plans to offer a similar experience for $50,000 per seat. 

Moreover, these balloon jaunts will be quite different from the rocket rides by suborbital tourism companies like Virgin Galactic.

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