SpaceX Dragon Cargo: Return To Earth!

SpaceX Dragon Cargo returned on Earth with gravity-sensitive experiments. After one month of orbiting, the cargo is undocked from the International Space station. 

The SpaceX CRS-23 Cargo capsule departed from the International Space station on September 30,2021. It is carrying gravity-sensitive experiments. 

Astronaut Shane Kimbrough monitored from the International Space Station. Following the capsule was commanded by the ground controllers at SpaceX headquarters in California.

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Carrying Experiments:

SpaceX Dragon cargo mostly carried biomedical experiments. The experiments on degenerative diseases. Those include Azheimer, Parkinson and Type 2 diabetes. 

However they also carried other experiments over examining muscle atrophy and gene expression. Furthermore, the investigators made assessments of biological samples. They also assessed exposure of samples to gravity. 

Hence these experiments were among the initiative of NASA in it’s Space cargo transport. However it has been a part of far reaching projects of Space cargo airbridge in future.

SpaceX Cargo Return To Earth!

The SpaceX cargo dragon landed to Earth at 11 pm EDT on October 1,2021. It was carrying 4600 pounds of scientific material returned to earth. 

The cargo undocked at 9:12 a.m EDT September 30 while the station was travelling over the Pacific Ocean. The cargo then reached to a safe distance from the station. That is to the NASA’s space station processing facility at Kennedy space center. 

However it had performed a seriew of burns to reach the earth. According to NASA officials, this journey of short distance was important because cargo was carrying microgravity experiments

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Statement Of SpaceX Cargo Ship Astronaut 

PHOTO DATE: 08-11-20 LOCATION: Bldg. 8 Rm. 183 SUBJECT: Individual Official NASA EMU Portrait for Shane Kimbrough PHOTOGRAPHER: BILL STAFFORD AND DAVID DEHOYOS

Astronaut Shane Kimbrough said thanks to the SpaceX and NASA teams about different scientific experiments for the ISS. He added that crew remained busy in activities of SpaceX 23 during whole the month. 

Furthermore he added that the team is awaiting for the better results of the payloads and a safe journey back to the earth.

About SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft 

Dragon Spacecraft are in two forms, Crew dragon and Cargo dragon  Crew dragon have the ability to take 7 passengers to the space travel. While Cargo dragon is mainly for the cargo supply to the ISS.

Furthermore, Dragon has a bell shaped forward compartment. There is a pair of solar arrays that gives power to the spacecraft. The Cargo dragon has the ability to carry 6000 kg (13000 pounds). NASA also contracted with SpaceX for multiple cargo flights to the ISS throughout 2021. 

According to the NASA’s Officials,  the SpaceX dragon spacecraft initially docked at the space station since Aug 30. However the dragon launched on Aug 29 from Launch Comolex 39A at the Kennedy space Center. 

Hence this is the 23rd Commercial cargo spaceflight for resupplying services mission. This proved a successful landing spaceflight with certain Scientific experiments. 

Thus NASA has planned for the next cargo spaceflight in early December. Also taking the docking port on the Harmony module that is used by cargo 23 capsule. This could be a further assessment for the future experiments. 

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