Spain’s La Palma Volcano is Engulfing Everything in its Path

The La Palma volcano on the Spanish island of Cumbre Vieja has once in a while jerked, shook, and thundered. Yet, no magma has arisen since 1971. That changed on September nineteenth, rising magma tore open several cracks on its western flanks, and an enormous eruption commenced.

Around 5,500 people were evacuated and at least 120 homes annihilated following the eruption in the Cumbre Vieja mountain range, quite possibly the most dynamic volcanic areas in the island.

How bad is the destruction

The volcanic eruption on Sunday evening started the evacuation of 6,000 individuals and relentless rivers of liquid magma have damaged around 350 houses and made significant damage to banana ranches, schools and buildings.

The thunder of the volcano sounds horrific from a significant distance as magma keeps on regurgitating from the hole, consuming everything in its way, completely burning through anything in its path – homes, vehicles and buildings are no more.

As it slowed, the lava became thicker. In places, it ascended to 15 meters (50ft) high. It currently covers 166 hectares (410 sections of land) and has swallowed up around 350 homes

Hundreds more evacuated as La Palma Volcano nears sea

An erupting volcano on La Palma in the Spanish Canary Islands has forced authorities to clear one more town in the way of magma spouting towards the ocean.

Four quakes hit the island not long after the new emission vent opened. Local authorities said the lava could trigger a chemical reaction that causes explosions and the release of poisonous gases when it arrives at the ocean.

Scientists are closely monitoring the health and environmental damage

Huge red plumes topped with black and white smoke shot out along the Cumbre Vieja volcanic edge, which researchers had been intently watching following the accumulation of liquid magma underneath the surface.

The Volcanology Organization said; A shift in the wind direction blew the ashes from the gushing lava across a tremendous area on the western side of the island, with the dark particles covering everything. Volcanic debris is an irritant for the eyes and lungs. The lava has also been spewing Sulphur dioxide in the range of 8,000 and 10,500 tons. The fumes of sulfur dioxide hugely irritate the lungs.

Another fissure opened after a 3.8-size tremor and started spewing more magma. This is raising worries as researchers stress that it could cause explosions and produce billions of harmful gas as it converges with the Atlantic. Scientists observing the magma estimated it at more than 1,000 degrees Celsius. They stressed that the emissions could continue for quite a long time or even months.

Canary Islands miracle home stands alone

A Canary Islands home has endure streams of magma moving from the volcanic ejection on La Palma. The pictures showing the untouched home while close by scenic being encompassed by charred black landscape.

The house is in El Paraíso, where the greater part of homes and the neighborhood school have been annihilated. The house belongs to a Danish couple who are not on the island. Social media users considered it a wonder house, as it stood tall after a great deal of perseverance.

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La Palma Volcano is Destroying crops

The lava has also burned banana forests, grape plantations and yields of avocado and papaya. Some irrigation networks were destroyed in the course, groundwater sullied and streets impeded. Drone footage showed magma streaming westwards to the coast in three tremendous streams.

Regardless of the little arable land on La Palma, cultivating is the island’s primary kind of revenue. Bananas are the business’ crown gem; almost 7,413 acres of land planted with banana trees provide employment to more than 10,000 of the island’s 85,000 residents.

Between 6,000 and 8,000 tons of bananas export happen every week from the island to the Spanish central area and in Europe. A farmer said that; the volcano may not kill us straightforwardly. However, it will make a great deal of us go bankrupt.

The last Canary Islands eruption in 2011 – which happened underwater off the coast of the island of El Hierro island – lasted around five months.

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