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Staff Of British Airways Secured A 13% Pay Rise After Negotiations  

Staff of British Airways secured a 13% pay rise after negotiations. Accordingly, there are around 16,000 British Airways (BA) staff. They will receive a pay rise of on average 13 per cent by the end of the year. 

Now, the workers, including cabin crew, baggage handlers and engineers, will get their pay return to pre-pandemic levels. Accordingly, the United union says it came after “tough negotiations” with the airline.

Staff Of British Airways Will Recieve A Pay Rise 

Staff Of British Airways Secured A 13 Percent Pay Rise

Hundreds of check-in and ground staff at Heathrow airport voted to go on strike in June over the issue of pay. 

Accordingly, there were a total of 700 workers from BA planning to walk out as the busy holiday season began. However, the action was called off after a deal was made for a pay rise. 

Why Did Staff Of BA Go On Strike?

The staff of BA voted to take action after a 10 percent pay cut imposed on them. That was during the pandemic and it had not yet been reinstated. 

Accordingly, many of the workers  represented by Unite. They recorded a 94.7 percent vote in favour of the strike. On the other hand, others were backed by GMB with 95 percent of members. They voted for the walkout.

However, many GMB members who voted for the industrial action were women, according to the union. A spokesman for GMB said that

all there members were asking for a pay rise. And, these were primarily low-paid women.

Pay Rise Deal For Staff Of BA

The authorities of British Airways agreed upon a deal on pay of staff. Now, thousands of workers will see on average a 13 percent pay rise by the end of the year. 

Also, the Staff will see lump sum of 5 percent of their wages this month. That is a consolidated 5 percent increase in September and then another consolidated 3 percent in December.

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