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Study On Top 10 Crypto Friendly Countries In The World 

Study On Top 10 Crypto Friendly Countries In The World 

Top 10 Crypto friendly countries in the world. Long gone are the times when cryptocurrency was just a niche, far-fetched revolutionary ideal for the people. Now, the hype for crypto has turned into reality, with Bitcoin.

Accordingly, the world’s most famous cryptocurrency exchange is Bitcoin. Now, it is counting over 180 million users globally and over 18,000 businesses across the world. These are currently accepting cryptocurrency payments. 

List Of Top 10 Crypto Friendly Countries 

Study On Top 10 Crypto friendly countries In The World

Following are the top 10 crypto friendly countries in the world. 

  1. US
  2. Ukraine
  3. UK
  4. India
  5. Thailand
  6. Russia 
  7. France
  8. The Netherlands 
  9. Vietnam 
  10. Columbia 

Study On Crypto Friendly Countries 

Cryptocurrency hasn’t been the same in every country. There are different perceptions with its adoption and use being sporadic across the world.

Accordingly, there is a new study by Merchant Machine. That is a payment processing comparison website. According to which, the US, Ukraine, and the UK are the top 3 countries for crypto use worldwide.

And, these are based on the number of crypto owners. And, the businesses that accept cryptos, and the amount of Bitcoin ATMs available.

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US And Crypto 

Do you know, the US has the second highest number of crypto owners in the world. That is over 27 million compared to India’s over 100 million. On the other hand, the country has the highest percentage of crypto owners compared to its total population.

Accordingly, the number of Bitcoin ATMs across the U.S. also eclipses that of any other nation. Because, the country has over 33,000 machines compared to Canada’s 2,458. By further comparison, India has only 2 Bitcoin ATMs.

Now, the US has also one of the most powerful economies in the world. This could explain how crypto has taken off there. 

Ukraine And Crypto 

It will be interesting to know how has crypto become so relevant in Ukraine? The reason Ukraine is the second country after the US in terms of crypto use is, unfortunately, due to the war. 

However, this has been unfolding in the eastern European nation since February 24 when Russian troops invaded.

Now, the country had started embracing cryptocurrency before the beginning of the war. However, it was already ranked fourth for cryptocurrency adoption among its citizens in 2021 in a global index.

Accordingly, after the war, Ukraine’s digital transformation minister asked his deputy to set up official government wallets. That could accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Thus, after this bold move, Kyiv has already raised more than €120 million in crypto. 

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