Ethiopia Dam: Sudan wants UN Security Council to discuss the dam

Have you heard about the recent Ethiopia Dam?

It was proposed in April 2011 and is in hot discussion from 2020. The Ethiopia dam is to be built over

the Nile River, the oldest and the longest river in the world. That clearly illustrates the

importance of the river. Apart from the geographical, physical, economic importance, Nile

also has cultural importance.

More than 11 countries rely on the Nile River for their survival. This decision of building a

the dam by Ethiopia will definitely be affecting the other nations.

Ethiopia announced its sole right over the dam that will be constructed on the Blue Nile over

a conference. This led to a crisis-like situation in the neighboring countries. The bread and

the butter of the population got at stake through a decision.

The top concerns are-

The shortage of water would hamper agriculture and ultimately famine conditions.

Transportation would be a major loss. The marine life and tourist culture would see a drastic


Thereafter, Sudan took the matter to the UN security council in 2020. But Ethiopia still made

it clear that they will start filling the water into the river from July 2020 as that might take 5-

10 years to get the dam filled and get it working. July 2020 would be an ideal time for them,

as it receives maximum rainfall in July hence the best time to start the project.

Recently on 15 July in the UN security council, a speaker accepted the interim agreement.

Henceforth they agree to a decision unilaterally.

Negotiations after the first stage agreement remains in its force until another agreement.

Recently, Sudan’s Foreign minister was called on the UN Security Council to hold a session

soon. The session is to focus mainly upon the impact of the dam on the safety and security of

the affected people.

The minister’s letterhead urges Ethiopia to stop the unilateral filling of the dam that will

exacerbate the dispute and express a threat to regional and international peace and security.

The Ethiopian government is yet to respond to this serious allegation.

There are a lot of disputes going on between the nations that are indirectly affecting the

economy of the nations as a whole.

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