Sustainable Living Tips About Conserving The Nature

As our daily life continuously harms our nature, sustainable living is important to save our nature. Here are some best tips and tricks about sustainable living that helps our nature green.

Sustainability is of much importance Nowadays. There is continuous pressure on Nature and its resources. Reasons are numerous but most of the credit for this goes to over living standards. 

We do various unsustainable practices in our daily lives but in return we do nothing for our Earth. Hence the earth is getting warm. The term we know about global warming, is our own discovery. 

Therefore it is everyone’s duty to play their part in Sustainability. All we have to do is nothing but just follow the sustainable living standards. Here are some tips about sustainable living:

sustainable living tips: the 3R Formula

3R stands for three basic living standards that are: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We need to know what these mean to be. 


Reduce means to cut off certain unsustainable practices and also to reduce the usage of natural resources. Avoid spoiling food and water. Turn off the switches when these are not in use. Furthermore, you may install solar energy in your homes. 


The term Re-use also suggests you preserve the energy by making things reusable. Do not waste anything you have. Hence you should update your living standard and become a little bit miser with your resources.

This practice would save your money and make you the artist of saving things. The art of different types of products include your used water bottles, plastic bags, old clothes, wires and many things. You should try to make something different with these things.


This is the last R which is the derivation of re-use. You can use the objects which are recycled in place of new objects. Buy those products which are made up of recyclable materials.

There is a symbol of Recycle on the products. Plastic bottles are to be collected for the recycling purpose. Moreover many options are there e.g. wooden products, plastic sheets, paper, disposable items etc. 

Sustainable living tips: Energy and Material

It is about the future of our generations that they also would need basic resowould for life. Sustainable development with energy and material could be possible by some of these tips: 

Sustainable Architecture 

Architecture is a great field that developed sustainable house building techniques. The materials would include: Lime in place of cement, wooden made fixtures for the insulation and marble flooring and many more Contemporary building materials.

Sustainable home techniques would include

Natural ventilation and daylight organization to home. Furthermore you would have the best orientation of your home spaces according to the Sun, wind and view. 

Solar Power

Solar energy is now used as the solar power at homes. This would help you save the electricity generated by unsustainable practices like fuel generators, nuclear power electricity or energy produced with oil. 

Sustainable Design of House

The exterior and interior design of the House could be updated to sustainable design. You need to focus on preserving nature when designing a house or any building.

There should be some plants outside your home while you could design the interior with a well organized system. For this purpose you may apply green (environment friendly) objects in your home. 

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Conserve and Develop Your Own Natural Environment 

Conservation of the environment is as important as your own health care. It is obligated to everyone to take part in it. Along with the conservation of nature, resources and energy you should also develop some more of it. 

For the sake of sustainable development for the natural environment there are many more tasks you have to do. These include planting trees, cleaning your home and surroundings, reducing waste generation, and above all you must cut off the carbon generating practices.

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