Taiwan fears full-scale invasion by China

Taiwanese Defence Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said today; China will have the ability to mount a full-scale invasion of Taiwan by 2025. He added that it is the toughest situation he has seen in more than 40 years of his military life.

The defense minister warns of the danger of a cross-strait conflict as strains mounted because of Beijing sending 38 warplanes to Taiwan’s air defense zone on Friday, trailed by 39 on Saturday and 16 on Sunday, as a part of its strategy to increase pressure on Taiwan.

A brief history

Taiwan and China have been governed independently since the end of a civil conflict more than seventy years ago. However, Beijing sees Taiwan as an indistinguishable piece of its region — despite the fact that the Chinese Communist Party has never ruled the democratic island of around 24 million individuals.

Beijing claims Taiwan as a territory of China and has pledged to retake it, forcibly if essential, and blames its democratically chosen government for being separatists. Taiwan’s administration says it is now a sovereign country with no compelling reason to declare independence.

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China is building the pressure on Taiwan

China sent another 52 planes, including; 34 J-16 warrior planes and 12 H-6 bombers, that flew close to the island on Monday. An additional four Chinese J-16s flew toward the southwestern part of Taiwan’s air defense ID zone – a cradle outside a nation’s airspace.

In retaliation, the Taiwanese Air Force spread its military aircraft and checked the development of the Chinese aircraft. It is Beijing’s biggest flex of power against democratically managed Taiwan, which China claims as its own region.

Monday’s moves by the Chinese air force carry brings the total to 814 jets sent into Taiwan’s Defence identification zone since September 2020.

Warning from the US

US should act as mediator in China-Taiwan Conflict – Valley Ventana

The tactical provocation has incited US State department representative Ned Cost to caution China that; its activities risk miscalculation and subvert local harmony and stability. We ask Beijing to stop its military, strategic, and monetary tension and compulsion against Taiwan, the statement reads.

China’s Ministry of foreign affairs reacted on Monday, saying that; the US offering weapons to Taiwan as well as ships navigating across the Taiwan Waterway were provocative activities, that hurt US-China relations. China will take every fundamental countermeasure and steadfastly squash any Taiwan freedom’ plot – Foreign service representative, Hua Chunying.

Civilians of Taiwan trained by military to resist invasion

Taiwan's Concerns amid the U.S.-China Strains – ERI

The workshop taught Taiwan’s public about first aid. They prepared them to help the military on the occasion of assault by China.

The scary wailing horn would be the principal warning to the island’s 23.5 million inhabitants of an approaching attack by their neighbor.

Participants learned about situational awareness and individual safety. They heard from proficient officers, first respondents, and humanitarian workers about their experience on the battlefield or in emergency crises.

Taiwan’s special military funds over the course of the next five years will go toward naval weapons, for most part including anti-ship weapons. For example, land-based missile systems. Taiwan particularly worries about the new advances made by China in the course of recent days.

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