Taliban in Kabul and Russian concerns

Sky had to see such days in which the Taliban succeeded to convince the world of their standpoint with all their 20 years long effort and sacrifices. What was their standpoint? To negate the American way of seeing issues.

What was the American way?

To solve the issue with only power and crushing the opposite party. What happened in Afghanistan was a horrific nightmare. Million displacements, thousand innocent deaths, destruction of thousand houses. Stories of tortures in Bagram Airbase, Abu Ghraib Prison, Black sites. Billions of corruption of USA puppet Regimes. Thus this is not less than Saigon moment or more correctly Najeebullah moment.

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Stunning Achievements Of Afghan Taliban

Finally the Afghan Taliban captured Kabul. Unbelievably they achieved their goals. Dramatically the Ashraf Ghanni government tried to initiate civil war-like situations till the last time. But the Taliban did what they desired without violence. Realistically International media is reporting freely the peaceful functioning of many state offices. 

Hence the Taliban are convincing the world that there is no need to panic to any international media community or embassy staff. What is more astonishing is that they left their rivals peacefully. Be them Hamid karzai, Abdullah Abdullah, Commander Ismail or Ashraf Ghani, Rasheed Dostum or Amrullah Saleh type spoilers of peace process. 

Surely ground reality is that Afghan Taliban have taken control on ground with smart moves and massive sacrifices. Astonishingly they are ready to communicate with the international community on human rights and girls education etc like issues. International flights are operating in Kabul airport peacefully. Miraculously they just gave common amnesty or forgave all their bloody enemies. And let them go where they wanted. 

How Regional Powers Are Looking at All This Development?

If we look at regional powers or more appropriately neighboring countries. Then we can realize that they are going to recognize the Afghan Taliban government if their interests are not shaken.

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Iranian Concerns

Direly Iran was concerned about their Shia community. They all needed security guarantee from Taliban officials. And interestingly Taliban delegation have recently visited Tehran in this regard. And have assured Iran not to worry about the Shia community. They will provide full proof security to the Shia community. 

China’s Concerns

Undoubtedly the same thing is with China. China had also concerns about the terror organization East Turkestan Islamic Movement. Their concern was that this terror group must not reorganize in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. The Taliban also reiterated to Chinese authorities that they will not allow their soil to be used against any country. And will also not allow ETIM to operate from Afghanistan.

Russian Concerns

As far as Russian interests are concerned. We can analyze that Russia has some common interests in the region. It wanted the overthrow of US forces, which happened. Russia wants peace and security in Central Asia. Because central Asian countries are members of CSTO. Russia heads CSTO. Russia is also demanding the eradication of the IS-Khorasan terror group. Their presence is observed in Afghanistan several times.

In addition to this Russia has deep bonds with China. Both countries’ interests merge in Afghanistan. What they both needed is stability, security and a healthy environment for investment projects like BRI. As majority BRI routes go through the Central Asian region.¬†

Therefore it is going to be a big challenge for Afghan Taliban’s to handle any chaos or civil riots like situations. Till the time of writing this article Taliban are doing well. Means no War lord or Militias like situations are emerging again.

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