Taliban terror in Afghanistan: UN concerns

The Taliban has re-emerged in Afghanistan. The group has already taken control of about 50 districts. In these circumstances, the United Nations has already expressed its concern about the reemerging of the terrorist group.

Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on Tuesday. The President of the United States has said that the United States will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by September this year. After broadcasting this news the Taliban group has begun to accumulate power. The United Nations has expressed concern over the Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan. It is one of the biggest victories of the Taliban in the last two months. UN special envoy in Afghanistan said that they already occupied 50 districts out of 370.

The group has already reached out to Tajikistan after establishing its presence in Afghanistan. The Tajik government says the two countries’ borders are now in the hands of the Taliban. The BBC also reports that about 134 Afghan troops have taken refuge in Tajikistan.

But the good news is the Afghan army is already building up resistance against this group. However, a number of Afghan women, including ordinary Afghans, have come forward to fight the Taliban. But it says that it not would be good to build resistance against them in long run. Here noted that the Taliban have expressed outrage over the signing of a peace deal with the United States last year.

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