Taliban violated Human Rights: UN Chief Warns

Antonio Guterres warned the Taliban to halt the horrifying human rights violence. Taliban are continuously violating the basic human rights in areas of Afghanistan. They are particularly targeting women and journalists. 

The United Nation’s Chief Antonio Guterres said in a report that  Afghanistan is spinning out of control. He warned the Taliban about violations and called for an immediate halt to their offensive in the country. 

Taliban now assumed to take charge of the whole country. In case of immediate seizures they are targeting journalists also the UN Personnel and those of government officials. 

UN Chief’s Interpretation Over Rule of Taliban 

The UN Chief showed different perspectives about the recent actions of the Taliban. He said in a report on Friday that it is typically horrifying to see the reports about terror on  Afghan girls and women in brutality. 

Following the Rule of Taliban, Antonio Guterres warned that Afghanistan is going through a prolonged civil war or it would be totally isolated from the rest of the world. He urged all parties to do more for the civilian protection. 

Talibans are disturbing the international community by their strict restrictions over basic human rights. They have made certain terrible things in the regions of their control. 

Talibans’ Control Over The Regions

Taliban has taken control over 70% of the country’s areas. They have taken some areas from the government by force and some have already surrendered to the Taliban. 

On 6th August Taliban made a huge control over the regional Capital Zaranj. According to the Associated Press, Taliban have also controlled the country’s major border crossings. 

Some of the Witnesses in Herat and Kandahar, reported Al Jazeera that talibans had started to search residents’ homes. They are searching for people who are close to the government in order to seize their guns and vehicles.

A senior European Union Official said on Tuesday that the Taliban have taken 11 provincial capitals and would proceed to enter Kabul in a week. 

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Reaction of United Nations In the Current Critical Situation of Afghanistan

A UN spokesperson said on Friday that they are evaluating the overall security situation in Afghanistan on an hourly basis. He ensured that they will move the staff to Kabul. 

The members of the Security Council expressed critical concerns about the growing violence in Afghanistan. They called for an immediate reduction of violence. 

The Council members further underlined their support to UNAMA. They emphasized the need for the safety and Security of UN Personnel. 

Reactions From USA, UK and Other Countries

It has been the decision of Biden’s administration to end the journey of the US military in Afghanistan. On the other side US opposition parties claimed that if the situation went wrong after the withdrawal of the army then Biden’s administration would be responsible for all the Mishap.

With the growing security crises in Afghanistan, the United States decided to send 3000 armed forces there. They would help evacuate their people from the US embassy in Kabul. 

The government of Kingdom and Canada also announced to send their armed forces to aid in evacuations. On the other side Denmark and Germany decided to temporarily close their embassies in Afghanistan. 

The governments of China and Central Asian countries are involved in indirect contacts with the Taliban. They are seen to be awaited to develop new regional collaboration. Since the situation would be worse than ever before, the Taliban have made seizures so far. 

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